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If you haven’t yet read about what theCHIVE is doing for Fluvanna County Rescue, click here. Donation page here.

  • ryecrash

    We need more beautiful women with long hair here. Flexibility is a plus but not required.

  • Loccus

    #37 anything more then a handful you're risking a sprained tongue….I would take that risk.

  • jabroni

    I demand to know who she is! Find her and chive her!

    • Shane


  • yerp

    less than three jordan carver

  • naigoto

    #10 never gets old
    #42 D. Eat the rabbit, me hungry

  • Geo

    #11 Find her…give her her own post…Obvious future lower back problems…Just a guess but I bet she'd make a perfect Hump Day pic as well!

  • Bunker Punk

    #14 and #15 – I call bullshit, I wanna see time lapse video of the ensuing hot mess.
    #17 – Rock Chalk!
    #44 – Love giving to a cause that will actually use the money for the cause, not line the pockets.

  • tehtech2

    #42 tap it then stuff it down the hole

  • brazzers

    Am i the only one still wanting to see a picture of two pistols girl without a derp face?

  • thetech2

    #3 damn I could park my car in that gap

  • Jim


    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

  • tkc

    #3 Girls with future muffin tops.

  • vin

    find #11

  • jasonn

    #27 Bricks were shat!

  • theMorgue77

    #42, Surprise buttsex?

  • NOUU

    #37 i bet black dewds dig that ass.

  • mcsgwigga

    #37 – Baadoink!!

  • jason


  • Mark

    Either there is ridiculously good photoshop in #37, or that it the world's finest ass. FIND HER EITHER WAY.

  • mac

    CHIVE, keep bringing cool shit to the table and we'll keep donating. seriously, I'm not rich but I can afford to donate 2 bucks just about every day. Actually, helping people out makes me feel better about all the oogling i do on the site to innocent chivettes…okay, so maybe there's some fapping from time to time as well that actually makes me feel a bit guilty…haha

  • JoJo


    "Mood: Confused"……..yep, we can tell.

  • GiGiDag

    #44 – Amazing Chivers. I think this is a great thing we all just participated in. We need more of this not only in the U.S butt everywhere.
    #29 – On another note, I wanna know how the chivettes feel about comments like this. While I find them HILARIOUS, I do see the sexism. Watchya'll think?

  • DerkaDo

    #34 Cant wait for March!

  • bleehh

    Does the website not work abroad? It won't work for me in Chrome, IE or Firefox O.O I wanna donate!

  • Stevo

    #39 The great feast before the Running of the Jew

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