Everything we love about Merica that other countries love to hate (21 photos)

  • putzco

    Looks like #11 & #15 are ready for the coming zombie apocalypse. #s 18-20, not so much.

  • ale

    Every country, haves that shit, in diffrent propotions.

  • TCAlexander

    OK #11(forgive me the nerd rage in advance)
    This douche just has too much money and not enough brains.
    The TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars worth of guns just not secured in a safe.
    The huge monitors 2 feet from his idiot face(to close to the viewer for the size to be advantageous)
    The speakers:up in a corner and so close together there is zero chance for the channels to be distinct.
    The " "Merica" factor here isn't so much the guns as it is we as a nation value whatever this idiot does to throw that kind of money at him.

    • JBoles

      The minigun in the back right? Can't all be real. That thing would cost more than most people's insurance policies and it looks to be hand held which is impossible. I don't know how you'd get replicas of everything you see here unless from a movie set or something. As far as being in a safe, . . . it is possible that the room shown IS some kind of safe room by someone who does have that kind of money. Just sayin'…

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  • http://snidewarerecords.co.uk Snide

    #1 is quite obviously England. ChiveFAIL. Sorry Chive! 😀

  • Wavien

    #9 Both places are run by the same company.. People go and eat their favourite food, then realize "Woops, I'm probably gonna get fat", and then they go in and workout! Clever.

  • force kin

    dont be taking credit for the dick in #1 hes from england and that flag is badly shopped or should be on fire too

  • Caleb

    #9 Is in Prince George, BC, Canada.

  • Chewbaca

    #11 would be awesome if the Chive was on that screen

  • Charming Chanler

    did anyone else notice they spelled "you're" wrong on #16? just sayin'.

  • Jimmy

    #1 is definitely in Britain. The Flag was shopped in to the max.

  • femtrooper

    #21 All I thought was "I love a warm pork belly for my feet"

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.newman Bill Newman

    #2 what a twat

  • Yelito

    Im diggin #11

  • Aussie Pride

    Number 6 is Queensland Australia during the recent floods, a bloody long way from the US

  • Leotris

    Errr 1# England 6# Australia
    America FAIL

  • theMorgue77

    #11 and #15… fap fap fappety foo!!

  • hellburn

    #6 is actually Australia qld floods

  • LeonardoB

    I'm not sure but them blankets look like Commie blankets to me in #21

  • ben

    I don't think any of these are reasons why anyone loves America.

  • RyBoy

    Hey Chive,
    Photo 6 of the two blokes fishing in a flood looks alot like one I saw of the queensland floods we had here a couple of weeks back…..
    So this is a photo of ‘strailya being awesome!
    Keep on Chiving!

  • alK

    C'mon, #6 is Australia mate!!

  • Chris

    #11 I know where I'm going when the zombies start munching!

  • Zach

    The fat burger and fitness center are Canadian. I recognize that from my hometown

  • Nathan

    6 is australian.
    maybe thats the point? we "other countries" hate how u claim everything in the whole world as you own to a cirtain degree 😛

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