• Gregory Nelson Courtney

    That was unbelievably hot. 'nuff said

  • HankT

    Pole dancing is ALWAYS hot. Seems like she has a very nice heiny…

  • Jay Cue

    LOL 10 points to Gryffindor…that was an Awesome addition!

  • Seldi84

    This is disturbing yet awesome at the same time. Who's the girl? She looks like a model from Front magazine but without the thigh tattoo.

  • Helocopter46

    Where is the wand going after the music stops???

  • guest

    Bonus points for the Boosh reference at the end.

  • Richard

    i dont get you americans obssesing with pole dance. the chick is hot, but the dance is meh…

    • turbosmurf

      Americans ? you mean all straight men and even a lot of straight women like a good pole dance.

  • Mutt

    "I'm just working here to pay my tuiton for hogwarts. Lap dances are 25, but you have to keep your wand in your pants. "

  • Nick

    Why you no change ad!

  • Holmespump

    Where's the Hell part?

  • RicoSan80

    GREAT VID!!!

    What is the title of that track?!!

    • Tatts

      Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix by Terabyte Frenzy

  • Pfft

    This is going to be the opening scene to the inevitable "gritty reboot."

  • misschris

    That was f*ckin SEXY!

  • Naz1962

    Applauds! Now that was awesome!

  • floscar


  • nojoke420

    Impressive, but if she was really magical she wouldn't need a pole.

  • Dougie

    soundtrack sounds like skrillex… if it is… it makes it that much better!

    • wobble

      Dude, that sounds absolutely nothing like Skrillex.

      All dubstep does not = Skrillex

      Especially when its hyper simple, like this song.

  • ryecrash

    If the movies were more like that I'd probably watch them.

  • Justin

    -50 points for the terrible dubstep

  • Any Mouse

    I believe the only word that can describe what happened when I watched this is Nerdgasm.

  • iambigd42

    This is Lethal Blonde 0911 from youtube. She is extremely hot. Here is the link

    • EyeGuy

      I agree Erika Is awesome!!

  • ashleyging

    Her and her music are awesome.

  • partyofchive

    gone done make a person go insane!!!!

    seriously chive this dead space thing has ruined video on ur site

  • Wolfram

    *bwa bwa bwa bwa bwaaa bwaaa bwaaa b wabwaabwabwaaa bwa bwa*

    Yeah that video was all around awesome. It was sexy, and then it was hella sexy with the wardrobe change.

    Also, stripper pole in the living room FTW!

  • Nunya

    stupidous totalis

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