• theone

    guys u out did ur selves …..wat a way to start the morning

  • rodrocks

    Why IS a chick dancing on a pole so sexy?

  • Marko

    I like both the girl and the song!! I want to find the actual song and download it haha

  • miiike

    god dammit quit sucking the corporate dick and get rid of these damn dead space 2 commercials. i wasnt gonna buy it in the first place but despite a lack of interest i totally hope that all discs spontaneously combust and goto cd hell

  • Damagecase1388

    So awesome, DubStep makes it THAT much better too

  • Forrest Herron

    I know I'm gonna get flamed. Whatever. That was stupid. The girl wasn't that hot, and the music was terrible. Stupid dubstep. It wasn't even a good dance. She just kept spinning around. This wasn't worth my time watching that terrible dead space ad.

  • bananah

    1:28 mwahahaa!

  • femanon

    That was awesome…she makes me want to put a pole in my house!

  • Chas Smith


  • Adam

    she's got a bunch of videos on youtube and i just gotta say…….wow.

  • Nick

    I'm scared, but I have a boner. …wtf

  • GI Joe

    Oh, and you're wrong…she's Slytherin all the way… self taught pole dancer and not an exotic one…

  • Add Hater

    I wont even watch a video before I scroll down to see if the comments refer to the lamest add I have ever seen. I would never buy that video game based on that add. who cares if "Moms hate it" show me a hot woman that hates it and I would be more apt to appreciate your clever advertising. until the add is gone I am not watching anymore videos from the chive….I have bookmarked them for viewing at a time when this add is removed.

    Yours truly,

    every angry Chiver

  • Djay

    AMAZIN!! ❤

  • impulse

    The great thing about pole dancing… It can be an art. It's just that it is stereotypically something associated with strippers and clubs.

  • WTFurCouch

    Does anyone know where I can get this dubstep track??!!!?!?

    • guest

      look it up on, its called harry potter and the half-dub remix

  • ATouchofInsanity

    <dork mode>Too bad she's wearing a Slytherin tie</dork mode>

    She's hot

  • Rob


  • Hakkil

    I'll second that "find her!" or tenth it.. whatever it's up to now.

    • Hakkil

      Also, song source?

  • lllasdkdl

    She's a Slytherin, dumb ass.

  • Dana

    Her boots are friggin awesome.

  • Blue Ash Guy

    Holy Voldemort! I could almost see her Harry Potter, (Hog)warts and all! And what a Gryffin(back)dor! Some say she's just a cheap Horcrux, but I say not, even down to my Gobstones!

    Sorry. I'll stop now!

    Oops! I think my Slytherin just got hard!

  • Bryan Barbeau

    what was that track?!?!?!?!?!? SICK

  • Matt

    Thank you, thank you, thank you , THANK YOU for chopping off the lame-ass ending of the original clip. Thank you. And thank you again. 🙂

  • anonymous

    I don't think this is official…

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