My childhood nostalgia meter is off the charts (25 Photos)

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  • Ryan

    Never had McPizza.

    • Amanda

      You did not live.

    • The Monarch

      Never even heard of McPizza. Must've been a regional thing.

    • Logic76

      Wish I could say the same thing about the McRib cause that fucker is gross

  • Jeremy Santana

    Wow, thank you chive for taking back to place I dearly loved. Much love chive, much love.

  • Mike


    • Kai

      I wonder how many young'uns will need an explanation x.x

    • CIA

      actually this is the "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE" guy

    • quintus

      Give it up for Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate.

      Arsenio as the priest was awesome too, because he alluded to the Lord helping Giligan get off the island.

    • zero

      They say that children are the future……

    • Zeus

      Give it up for my band "Sexual Chocolate"…. SEXUAL CHOCOALTE (drop the mic and walk away)

  • bodhi1990

    Loved the Stinky Cheese man as a kid, such an awesome book

  • Tmoney

    Great memories of #19 NOT

    • Keith

      Pizza day was the greatest day.

      • Kai

        pizza was ok…turkey chili and choco milk was ftw imo : )

    • Sizzle

      I hated regular pizza day. My school district had Mexican Pizza day, though. That shit was the balls! Wish I could have it again.

      • This Guy

        1.find a mate
        2. reproduce
        3.raise child
        4.send child to school
        5.visit child at school on mexican pizza day happily ever after
        6.5.until your child is a teenager….

    • Frankie Muniz

      Ellios Pizza was a staple of my childhood. Thanks Chive for the way back machine.

    • Adam S.

      I sandwiched my sides between two of those f**kers.

    • zero

      I didnt start enjoying schoolfood til i started a smoking pot.

    • Norbert Zalog

      Wow other people ate that crap too!

    • Gecko

      at my elementary school, the only thing that raised our hopes after that raunchy pizza was the dessert Flintsone Kid's Push-Pop they sold.
      Now THIS was the shit –

    • dizzle

      school pizza was the shit!

  • Ryan

    You all may know him from the What's Goin Down episode of That's My Mamma. Give it up for Randy Watson!

    • fnaah

      That boy's good!! 🙂

      • Ryan

        Donations! Donations!…………I thought it was the trash nigga, don't be hittin' on me!!

  • TherealJoel

    Miss #3

    • BravesFan

      Ahh yes. The GameGear. How I loved mine. How my parents hated the six batteries that lasted about 3 days

    • Sizzle

      I totally forgot that those even existed. But I think I had one. And an original Game Boy. Game Boy was obviously more memorable.

      • Gecko

        still though, playing Sonic In-Color In-the-Car was pretty sweet

    • Frankie Muniz

      I had it, but by the time I got it they stopped making games for it, so I had a total of 2 games. Bill and Ted's Adventure and Time Cop. AWESOME ME

  • 6655321

    Still have #3 and it works. Have 4 games too.

    • Amanda

      Same! That's good technology for you.


      • bryan

        i also have one that still works great memories from my childhood

        • Jessica Condrey

          of course it still works because Microsoft didnt make it:p

  • BigDingo

    #11 McPizza was f*cking tasty, at least here in Canada.

    No fun dips or bottle caps?

    • Ziggy

      I think the Americans missed out on that one.

      Remember the Xmas with the peppermint sundaes?

      • BigDingo

        What? That sounds awesome!

  • tommybhoy

    #1 Paperboy on my Commodore 64… many hours of shear bliss

    • Beth Vogel

      I liked Starfox. I would end up going too far off of the map and traveling in darkness and stars for hours. Or, at least until I popped the floppy disk out and started over.

    • Whitnasty

      So good. Love paperboy.

    • G. POLICE

      sheer bliss… not shear!

  • krista

    i miss the stinky cheese man #16

    • Sizzle

      Yeah, one of the funniest kids books you'll ever read.

    • Catence

      I know! I might have to go get myself a copy now.

    • Gecko

      A true example of an awesome 1st grade teacher is the one who reads this to her kids

  • Beavis


    • dad

      Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue

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  • AtomManhattan

    #6 was one of my favorite books as a kid…despite the fact it scared the living hell out of me.

    • Wolfram

      Same! I still have mine in a box somewhere. A teacher gave it to me in elementary school.

    • 1C451

      The story of the Farmer being skinned by his scarecrow still haunts me to this day…

    • ghost

      the drawings in these books were the most terrifying part. they still give me the hee-bee-jeebees

    • Awesome

      "The worms crawl in. The worms crawl out. The worms play pinochle on your snout"

      • This Guy

        theyll eat your eyes. theyll eat your nose. theyll eat the jelly between your toes!

  • robert

    what was the book titled? #6

    • kevguy

      scary stories to tell in the dark

    • William

      What was the book called?

    • Daniel Stroud

      You can read the whole book here

    • gsfdg


  • Young man

    Im not old well 27 and i know all of the above child hood crap

    • Old Twat

      The thread is geared toward your age group, retard.

      • Sizzle

        27 is getting rather old.

        -a 24 year old.

        • gefundigeliebe

          24 is fuckin ancient

          – a 4 year, going on 5 bitches

  • winged_trout

    #17 Chive, I challenge YOU TO FIND HER!

    • Logic76

      My sis still has that same computer! It's retired and sitting in her office

  • Pants

    #19 We ate them anyway because we were there and we were hungry!

    • Beth Vogel

      I could never open those effin milk cartons right.. usually did the ENTIRE top! Or at least murdered one side and had to start on the other…

      • hMMMM

        You are a beast.

  • bubblerider86

    #16 ❤

  • chrisdg74

    #14 – "Sexual Chocolate!!"
    *drops mic on the floor, stomps and walks away

    • CIA

      *clap clap clap* he goood, he good!

      • RKAN

        good and terrible


    ahh zee memories…

  • derpson

    #8 UPPERCUT HIM INTO THE ACID! ahhh there we go.

  • Gordo

    Could you pull your jeans up ANY higher #17?

  • Tony

    #26 Geez, I remember that Cosby Show epsiode! That little porker was hilariou on the show!

    • Red

      God you are right Tony, that kid was great. I loved how he always made a bee line to the door when ever he a Rudy fucked up something.

  • _HypoLuxa_

    #2 . . . "I'm Mr. Bucket, balls pop out of my mouth; I'm Mr. Bucket, a ball is what I'm about" . . . even as a child, I knew this was very disturbing.

    • Erik von Markovik

      My suggestion is not to google "im mr bucket" at work…

    • Brandilion

      The theme song was the first thing that came to my mind

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