My childhood nostalgia meter is off the charts (25 Photos)

These awesome nostalgia pics and more via the good people at

  • Herm23

    #10 – I love the power pad. As a kid, my brother and I had a video game time limit, but since the power pad was "exercise", we got unlimited time on it. Too bad Cheetah, on the Nintendo Olympics game was the fastest person alive.

  • bisketz

    #16 is a major part to who and what I am today. Kinda cool to know I'm not alone.

  • Johnny Cakes

    Toastyyyyy! Thats my txt message ringer

  • lovebird.

    Hungry hungry hippo = way cooler than Mr. Bucket

  • @Gamle_Eirik


    They see me trollin'..

  • Dylan

    #4 ? Really?

    "Child hood nostalgia" isn't the only meter that's off the charts.

    (Hint: it starts with 'G' and rhymes with "may")

  • rachelj

    #6 i have a killer tattoo from the "scarey stories to tell in the dark 3" best decision i have ever made in my life.

  • Kris

    They forgot the hypercolor t-shirts!

  • zdrake13

    I've got my autographed copy proudly displayed along with the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. I got them both when Jon Scieszka came to my school when I was in the 1st grade.

  • Alex

    What’s number #4

  • cobracavchiver

    No Garbage Pail Kids??

  • AL Ventura


  • Frankie

    #7 – scruff mcgruff is the reason that i know chicago's zipcode "scruff mcgruff, chicago, il, 60652"

    #20 – wheeezin the ju-uiiccceee

  • Sean

    No Squeezing the JUICE!!!! #20

  • chong

    #24 dont they still make these?

  • Colby

    School lunches haven't changed much. They still serve corn with everything…EVERYTHING! But the chocolate milk makes it all okay.

    • Colby


  • Ghanima Atreides

    #3 I played this to DEATH. Sonic the Hedgehog FTW!

  • tina

    I only know that dog… in the poster……kind of..

  • PWNT

    Who else tried the eye illusions?

  • maurizio

    you have here two of my favs pics of that time… Coming to America and Encimo Man! Man do i miss those times!!!

  • jojo bean

    #22 , I had this, spent hours on end programing with the basic cartridge

  • katie

    #4 I loved those puppies. You could open the velcro belly and put them inside!!



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