Sexy Brigader showing support for the troops (12 Photos)

Here's the rules.
First, this is not limited to women in the service. If you want to do something sexy and say "hi" to the soldiers. Well, do it. I think the guys out there would be pumped to see beautify women (other than some celebrity doing a PR thing) saying "hi" to the soldiers.
Second, if you are in the service and you don't want me to show your face. Just tell me in the e-mail and I will make sure to respect your request. And just to state the obvious, I'm not going to put your name in any of the posts.
Third, the photos do not have to be as revealing as these ones are. If you're a female soldier, you're already sexy (but if you want to push-it a bit, I wont complain)
Finally, I know these posts may not be for everyone on the site. To that, just avoid clicking on the post if it says "Sexy Brigaders"

If you want to be a Sexy Brigader, submit your Photos here

Lauren, simply too cool of you to do this for troops. Thank you
If you want to be a Sexy Brigader, submit your Photos here

  • Ed Debevic

    #1 She's alright. If she had a huge dick, then I'd like her. That's the one thing missing. A huge dick for me to play with and be abused by. Man, I love dick!!!

    • The Dude

      Obvious Troll is Obvious. Try some subtlety then you might actually be funny. Otherwise you just sound like you are 7. We have all seen it before try to come up with something new.

    • troolkiller

      Can we please burn trools at the stake? Can this be legal yet?
      You are one seriously dumb f***.

      She is FLAWLESS. Doesn't look like she's wearing makeup and can rock even webcam quality pics. Hope to see more of this one.

    • mike

      your fucked > you silly little ass pirate
      hope you get ass fucking aids and die

  • Pimp

    Nobody gives a shit, fuck off and die.

    • Pimp

      Directed at Ed Debevic, the sad lonely fucker with no life.

  • USMCvet


    You leave my bitch alone. He'll He gets off on that shit. I'm the only one that can do that to my boo.

    ~carry on

  • Bob

    Gotta love girls who love the troops. WIN

    • banjobob

      [edit] who are insanely hot.

      • Always Last

        She's so full of shit – google here and see all the web sites she's on. Just another wannabe "model" attention whore.

  • BigDingo

    #6 I'd go to war for that…

    • Ed Debevic

      If she had a huge dick

      • Maynard B.

        ok everybody, let's just ignore Ed and maybe he'll just go away.

        • oh4fuckssake

          is replying to it your method of ignoring?

  • V.A.

    She's actually really hot…. you lucky bastards in the service, you.

  • Stretch

    Thanks for running this; it works pretty damned well when viewed from Afghanistan.

  • heavyD

    #2 #10 Holly shit! what a bomb 😮

    • Wolfram

      Hell yeah #10 especially! I want to live between those tits.

  • a.i.

    i know this isn't the place to say this but i couldn't resist.. the american troops (that are not in U.S) don't make your country strong like a bull, they make it look like a strong bully.. and the soldiers are the last to blame.. just a thought…

    • banjobob

      Pretty sure she was joking. She used the words 'cojones' and 'strong like bull' and i think she was just trying to say something sweet. Just my take on it.

    • Moose

      "Strong like bull" is a line from a number of movies. (I don't know the origin, but the first that comes to mind is Something About Mary.) In any event, Lauren's use of it cracked me up. Hot & funny!

  • coastie2828

    that'sa coastie cover! semper p!

    • Gilmourw

      Cape May 1983… Here we go Foxtrot, Here we go. 😉

      • joshuaaa

        first thing i thought kilo 180. 2008.

        • lastweeksfreak

          Coasties FTW! Cape May 1992 oh the good ole days.

  • Yeahbeer

    I agree with HeavyD

  • Brad

    Surely better terminology would be "Sexy Brigadiers"

  • centerofanapple

    #12 COL Ragsdale eats coasties for breakfast.

    • new cadoodle

      THE ROCKET!!!!

      is at the center of an apple

    • zombie

      I swear to God that this man has meth for blood. He's utterly insane.

    • tag

      I can't wait till this guy has a stroke from yelling so much. I cannot escape him!

    • USCG

      correction: ragsdale eats ur mothers pussy for breakfast. semper paratus u fat fuckin pussy.

  • TZJ

    Looks a lot like Eliza Dushku from where I'm sitting…. this is a good thing 😀

    • beatboxbasher

      Totally see it. Just hot all over this one is!

  • snookie.smoosh2x

    Carry on.


  • HankT

    Fucking gorgeous…

  • forreallyrealz

    Holy hell she is perfect. GREAT face and body.

    And are you seriously correcting her for thanking our military? I'm pretty she she was joking in a cute way, just my take on it.

  • thankful chiver

    Damn. She's legit.
    Finally a hottie who shows herself without makeup. Thank you Chive for a great Thursday so far.

  • sexyslut

    you guys are straight up retarded if you think she's not wearing make up thats definetly a professional picture. and no girl does professional pictures without make up. being an on stage actor i know what that does to you. it may be little make up but its there and not even concealed just there guys think they dont notice it till they wake up to that hagard women in the morning without the make up. she is definetly a something i'd like to roll around with like two squids fighting in the ocean tho.

    • bootypatrol

      To be honest, this picture is on her modelmayhem that someone posted a ways back with her pics and she and the photographer straight up state that no makeup was worn but eye shadow . Is sexyslut a jealous slut? Most of her shots are sans-makeup from the looks of it. Some chicks are just natural.

  • bless1

    #2… Loving that gap Lauren!

  • @withquotation

    holy wow. i can't get enough of her. mmmmmmmoooooooaaaarrrrrrrrrr! y no take off ur clothes?

  • adam

    I'm in the COAST GUARD it's not possible that LAUREN is a COASTIE she is way too gorgeous to be in the GUARD. Her body is incredible.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Now thats just the sweetest thing I seen…Way to go girl….good job..COWGIRL UP>…

  • John

    I like the photos but the sentiment is bollocks…."keep our country strong like a bull".

    The stars of America are on the wane and are becoming more so every day..

    Damn, just look at the value of the US$, its crap. The OZ$ has parity and the Chinese are buying US$ up like yanks on coke.

    The rest of the world is looking to work with China with its double digit economic growth and about the same level of democracy as the USA. Oh yeah that's irony, you may need to look that up in an Oxford dictionary.

    So, cool photos but keep the US patriotism in check if you want to keep a global audience.


    • coastie

      John, this is an American website. It is our patriotism that makes this country great, if you don't like it then gtfo. Why the hell are you even on the Brigade if you can't stand US patriotism? That's what this entire website is all about. Go eat some Chinese food and read your oxford dictionary, American will never, ever "keep our patriotism in check". You are naive to even suggest this, not to mention that it is not your place.

      • John

        Is that why its on the World Wide Web? cos its all about Amerika? Grow a brain, get a passport and go visit the world.

        • Guy

          You, John, are retarded. I'm not even American and I can tell you this. Read his post again.

          • Phil Sphincter

            It's actually a compliment that this John guy takes time out of his day to visit an American Military support website. Even if it is just to be a douchebag and hate on us (because God knows it's so fashionable to do so), and he's even taken the time to compare our economic standing with potential rivals. Thanks for caring John. Ciao

  • Mr. Raider

    She stopped posting pictures on the Chive because she got all ass-hurt about people posting a link to a nudie pic. That's the problem with putting naked pictures online honey, they're fucking ONLINE! Don't bother looking because her posts are now off of the Chive and the nudie pic is removed.

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