My American friends traveled to Cuba (60 photos)

Dave King is the eye behind these amazing photos of Cuba's streets, people and propaganda. The burgeoning street art scene is worth the trouble to visit...if you can get in. Tip: Americans go through Canada or Mexico. Boom. Done.

  • Nymphetamine

    um #51 theres something written on the gate in chinese ???

  • shouldbeworking

    cool photos, but for a lot of them to really mean anything, you need translations or context. i know education isn't really thechive's thing, but if you're going to post something like this, it'd be nice. i love butts and flying farting animals as much as the next guy, but i'm also interested in learning something, too. branch out. go for it.

  • Gecko

    might as well explain #14 before someone gets the impression they still have racial segretation. "Agua Blanca / White Water" is clean water for washing/ bathing. "Agua Negra/ Black Water" is contaminated water.
    The clean water is kept in the black cistern so the sun can warm it up and people have warmer water to wash with.

  • Rick

    Wow. Isn't that just a Mecca of prosperity? We need to be more like them. Did you get chance to take a picture of their hospitals and their great healthcare system?

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      you do know that cuba produces some of the ebst doctors in the world, right?
      and the best patient/doctor ratio. dont eat everything fox feeds you.

      • Htownpunk

        Wow! If I were you and actually believed all that bullshit that you just wrote, then I would probably be on the first plane to Cuba seeking asylum. Let's for just one second think logically about this; if this way of governing is so fantastic, and this country is such an incredible place to live then please tell me why every single year we have a shit ton of Cubans risking their lives floating on fucking homemade rafts trying to get into U.S. waters? Maybe you shouldn't swallow everything that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews ejaculates into your mouth; it's bad for the brain……

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          You really consider yourself punk? Fucking poser…

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          I didn't claim that they were "so fantastic" or that it was such an "incredible place to live." I said their healthcare is not what you are portraying it as, so kindly go fuck yourself.

          And like the impostor above me said, really? You consider yourself a punk? What a fucking douchebag poser.

        • jimmy

          having spent a fair amount of time in Cuba i feel the need to chime in and say that you are talking out of your arse sir. Cuba does indeed have one of the best doctor/patient ratios in the world, as well as having produced some of the best doctors around. it also has the highest literacy rate in the world. these are not just facts espoused by the Cuban government but have also been verified by many observation teams over the years, teams that have come from a variety of countries and organisations..
          No one has said that the Cuban way of governing is fantastic, but if there is one thing they cannot be faulted on it is their commitment to education.
          You might also want to look up something called the Torricelli Act of 1992 and bear in mind that it was pushed through when Cuba had already lost nearly 90% of its trade due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The economic strife that Cuba has faced (and which is the real main cause of most attempted Cuba-US immigration) is by no means the fault of the USA, but actions fromWashington over the years have not helped.
          Both the troubles that effect the Cuban populace, and your very biased attitude, are the unfortunate human cost of imposed ideology, be it communist or capitalist.

          I beg you not to take my word on any of this, look it up.

          • Htownpunk

            Which Cuban health care system are we talking about here? The one for Cuban elites – the Party, the military, official artists and writers, or the one for everybody else? Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit. They do in fact fact have great health care available….just not for the majority of the Cuban population.

            Well, the question "You consider yourself a punk?" makes no sense and is completely irrelevant, so I couldn't possibly respond to such an idiotic question.

            You almost had me until you wrote this: "your very biased attitude, are the unfortunate human cost of imposed ideology"……. You really are just another elitist asshole who thinks they're smarter than everybody else, aren't you? How many "totally awesome" Che Guevara t-shirts do you still own from your college days? Your credibility just went to ZERO.

            You both can go suck each others dicks all you want, but as for me, I'll choose to live in the real world.

  • Uncle Sam

    How dare you show pictures of a communist country. Don't you know we're in a cold war with those damn communists. Gadzooks! My red-blooded american rage is boiling! Anything not American=bad. I ought to report you to the House-Committee on Un-American Activities. Communism=bad. America can do no wrong! Palin/Bachmann 2012!

    • Rick

      LOL – I love the "Communism=bad" comment. As though even a radical leftist moron could argue with that. LOL You give everyone no way to go. Well done sir.

  • Adam S.

    Not a single woman. Boo.

  • mattythegooch

    #21 – Matisyahu in the center………..SWEET!!!!

  • mindnumbrobot

    Commies aren't cool.

    Beautiful country rich in natural resources and wonderful, creative people, pissed away on Communism. I long for the day when we are reunited with our brothers to the south.

    • Stevo

      'Beautiful country rich in natural resources' Not if you had your way eh? See how well your 'brothers' do then.

  • Anonymous

    viva la revolucion!!!

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    We should save that money for Saudi Arabia anyways.

  • Jon

    Shows how wonderful life without America can be!

  • V4Vendetta14

    The continued embargo is due to their handling of political dissent. Nobody ever had a problem with the people of Cuba, nor did we believe they hated us. They are subjected to a brutal dictatorship. Not everybody fights a dictatorship.

    The embargo was not mean to help relations but erode support for the Castro government. We were waiting for the castros to die, but they have stubbornly refused to do so…

    • summit

      Exactly. The US doesn't hate "Cuba", or the Cuban people. It is just the fact that they have a dictator in control of the country. He is both hostile to the US and has a very bad record of violating the rights of people in his country. No space for political dissent – if you think Egypt has had it bad, think how that would have gone if it happened in Cuba! Castro has had no problem with killing off (or at the very least, imprisoning) the opposition. Religious freedom is strictly limited in Cuba as well. There are so many things wrong with the government of that country, there is no way the US should trade with them.

      • Dub Genus

        Do you get your information from a 1968 Farmer's Almanac?

        Have you been there?

        Who is running that country?

        Sometimes governments are required to lock down to provide safety for their people or ideologies. Sometimes national organization is required to prevent a nations' culture and history from being erased.

        It is not crazy to assume that most countries don't like American influence or bullying. Shit like that can split a country in half (consider Iraq/Vietnam). Some want what we have and some just want life to go back to how it was before America considered them a place of interest. Once a plague like this starts, a ruler has the choice of allowing it to spread, or to quarantine his people and try to advance with what he's got.

        Fidel's actions seem misguided, but it's only because we paint him as an evil and intolerant ass hole, but he's done great things for the nation of Cuba all the while remaining disconnected from USA. I bet Iraq wishes they could have done the same thing.. Also Vietnam. And Philippines, and every other country that is as divided as the United States is today on every single important topic because of American "Liberation."

        Now that Fidel is not fit to run the country, his brother Raul Castro is doing so. Now that the foundation has been laid by Fidel, his brother can start giving a thankful population their rights back – also without the aid of the U.S.

        Or they could have gone the Iraq route… In retrospect, and with over a million Iraqis dead, I think Fidel did the right thing.

        • mcanonymous

          You're kidding right? I'm sorry, but that's the worst political analysis I've ever heard. Pre-Castro Cuba had the 4th largest economy in the Caribbean, higher paid labour than the US, hundreds of thousands of immigrants per year (that's people trying to get onto the island, not off) and a larger per capita middle class than anywhere in North America.

          • mcanonymous

            The idiot Castro and the coward Che come in and destroy all of it. All of it. The guy above is correct – he imprisoned more people on a per capita basis than Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia, solely on political dissent. Burned books. Imprisoned the intelligentsia. Killed or imprisoned as many gays as possible and completely ruined the economy.

            Do you know that Castro and Che were executing so many of their fellow countrymen that they actually realized they were wasting a lot of blood. So instead, they first got a doctor to withdraw as much blood from the soon to be executed prisoner as possible and sold it to Russia and North Korea? Sick.

            I don't know if you've been there, but its a sad sad place without regard for its citizens rights or well being. The people there are scared shitless of Castro and his secret party informers.

            Why do you think the largest refugee migration in the Norther Hemisphere is from the prison island to Florida? Why do you think people will risk their lives to paddle across treacherous waters?

            The cowards Che and Castro got it all WRONG…and so did you.

  • Alberto Martin

    Actually, we've never had racial segregation. A black person in Cuba is not a "African-Cuban", they're just Cuban.
    Jon, the Castro regime is totally responsible for the misery in Cuba, but without the embargo, Cuba would be much more prosperous and possibly be closer to democracy than they are now. The embargo is only in place to keep the US Sugar and tourism industries from having to deal with the competition a free Cuba would provide. It has nothing to do with Communism. "Life without America"? That's just stupid.

  • imjuliooo89

    You do realize that the only reason the U.S doesn't like Cuba is because Castro and Che Guevara overthrew the guys that the U.S put in to run the country right? Cuba is a whole different place from how it was when it first started. Stop believing all the B.S that the media keeps feeding you about how Cuba is.

    • summit

      No, the media is hugely pro-Cuba in the US. You have to rely on alternative media to get straight facts.
      Cuba has had a higher percentage of political prisoners than Nazi Germany or the USSR did. They have a very unequal system – if you are politically connected (or a visitor), you get great treatment – but for most of the people, too bad. There is no freedom to select their own government, or even speak out vs "the party". And once again, which way are the boats of refugees going – toward or away from Cuba?

      • imjuliooo89

        They do, but you have to bring in the fact of how many people there are in Cuba vs how many there were during Nazi Germany and the USSR. Even we have political prisoners. Political prisoners are not only a part of certain types of governments. But of course even Castro has stated that Communism doesn't work. Then there will always be people that are not happy with the Gov't that they have installed in their country, even here in the U.S. I have a few friends that are from Cuba. A few liked it and the others didn't. They all came to the U.S for the same reason, the American Dream. One thing that Cuba has right is Universal health care. A lot of us Americans are against it because they don't want to be taxed a bit for everyone to get equal health care. Guess what. Our taxes already pay for the military's Universal health care. Yes the military has a Universal health care system. Universal health care is not bad.

        • Bree1912

          Well said!!

        • Anon

          Apparently you have not had to get health care through the VA.

          • imjuliooo89

            I said the Military, as in Active Duty. I know the V.A. is garbage. I have friends that are out the military and trying to get their compensation for the injuries they received while in the military or just trying to see if they are sick or otherwise and they have to jump through fire hoops to even get looked at. Its unfortunate, but it can be fixed if Universal Health care were implemented and not fought by so many misinformed Americans. Did you know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was going to propose a 2nd Bill of rights that would Universal Health Care to ALL Americans among other things. He was going to propose it after WW2, but since he died before the was won it never got pushed through. Universal health care would relieve one factor of stress in peoples lives.

            • BravesFan

              Yes the military has universal health care. Also take into account that they make way less than their civilian counterparts for the same job, DRs included, and they are deployable at any given time. And out of all civilian jobs you can think of, how may have to leave for 6+ months (depending on the branch of service and your job, sometimes over a year, mostly Army) and let you spend about 9-12 months before you go out again.

              • Yelito

                True that, but military is voluntary, and the govt spent way more money in the fake military bullshit than actual problems. With all the billions spend in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, bases in Germany/Korea/Panama, and countless little conflicts that the media don't show, we could have a great health system, the national debt would be less than 10% of what it is now, unemployment around 5% or less and many other social aids right on track. We don't need to spend that much money in military, Space Bullshit or Israel Bullshit. How about securing the border with more Border Patrol? we need them more than the Gay Navy.

              • imjuliooo89

                Hmmm. Well the military members don't make out bad if you take to account that they get money for groceries, dependents, and if they live off base, money for housing, utilities. Then they get universal health care. They might not make A LOT but quite a lot of military members get to live a fairly good life if they're not stupid with their money. Then you throw in the deployment money, which is tax free, they come out well from that too. The Army doesn't get to stay home for 9-12 months; try more like 1-3 months and they stay out for about 8-14 months. You have your information WAY off base.

  • zombie

    Cool pics, nice propaganda piece. This doesnt show the real Cuba; I had to spend a semester studying Cuba. Read the book "This is Cuba" by Ben Corbett to get a better idea of Cuba. It's not all sunshine and rainbows like they're showing you.

  • mrjimmyos

    Awesome images, nice one travellers

  • notta

    Maybe thechive has me spoiled, but I thought it would be Cuban Women.. sigh 😛

  • NOUU


  • Es Muerto

    Lame post, all you kiddos wearing you Che' shirt have no idea how many poeple he killed in order to push communism on the cuban people. And yes the cars are old because the US has a trade embargo with Cuba, guess when it was?

  • Jojo

    Fuck yah. Need to head there to get some antique shit for 1 dollar and sell it to some merica tard antique collector for 100k. Fuck yah merica fuck yah

  • top dog

    #52. It's like Cuba is frozen in time or something…..Cuba has some fine ass women though, talk about hot blooded!

  • bisketz

    WOW, I wanna go. Buyin my ticket now.

  • The truth

    It's funny how americans are so deep into believing what they are fed.




    • Stevo

      But American babies are so fatty, it can only slow them down!

  • Spocker

    I’m assuming that reason for so many old classic cars is that they are relics left over from the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

  • Dub Genus

    Even a goldfish in a bowl is free to do what he will.

    Wtf is this freedom you speak of, and why don't we make more of it?

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