My American friends traveled to Cuba (60 photos)

Dave King is the eye behind these amazing photos of Cuba's streets, people and propaganda. The burgeoning street art scene is worth the trouble to visit...if you can get in. Tip: Americans go through Canada or Mexico. Boom. Done.

  • fiftyville

    Embargo, feh. Do you think the French or the Libyans or the Nicaraguans or the Venezuelans give a rat's ass for the US embargo? The reason you don't see cargo ships pulling into Havana is that the Cubans are broke because they can't manage their economy. They can't pay for what they need, and their socialist economy can't produce efficiently. Can't even farm and feed their people; cutbacks all the time in how much a Cuban gets to eat. Individually, they are really nice. Collectively, they're deadbeats who only survived because the Russians were subsidizing them.

  • supersniffy

    #1…..couldn't have said it better myself…..a picture is worth a thousand words……

  • big meech

    #39 made me laugh

  • llama beans

    Great people, piece of shit government. Castro and Che are a bunch of murderous thugs. Fuck'em!

  • ShadowMaginis

    this is a nice look into my heritage. My father is from Cuba and makes trips there about once every 2 or 3 years. I hope to one day go with him, Cuba looks like a beautiful place.

  • Chris

    Amazing post, would love to go there.

  • Dude

    Cuba is the best tropical country to visit. The beaches are full of Brits, Germans and Canadians … no loud, fat Americans.

  • Spivias

    #51 wtf they have a freaking chinatown?

    • Libertariandude

      Prior to the Revolution, an important Chinese immigration flow reached the Caribbean. Some of my Cuban friends have surnames such as Wong, Chang and Yu. ¡¡Viva Cuba Libre!!

  • Lobo Hostmorke Torres Rosales

    in fact if you take pictures in cuba you can get arrested.. for very long hours lol self xperience! but is beutyfull!

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