Soccer star El Hadji Diouf gets his own GIF meme (16 GIFS)

These GIFS and more via buzzfeed.

  • Tyler Mars

    wow these are good

  • Takingbackcider

    Star is a loose term for that gimp!

    • fasterthanu

      Too right, the bender spits on children for fuck sake.

  • NickRob

    #10 #12 and #16 are the best

  • fuck diouf

    fuck diouf!! fuck that bitch!!

  • gok attack

    lol #10 classic

  • andysniper

    "soccer star"? really? I could have sworn this sport was football.

  • Billy Young

    Haha good post! Come on ye GERS!!!

  • Catence

    These are all pretty amazing.

  • Naz1962

    OMG I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF ON THESE!!!! Awesome post!

  • Anonymous

    this site is the armpit of the internet

  • Herm23

    Holy shit. This might have been my favorite meme just because of all the amazing Nintendo appearances.

  • Nonanone

    Way to just rip off an entire thread, good job high fives for everyone involved

    • SeaBassEX

      Well, the good stuff is still in the original thread.

  • Bud Ugly

    I thought #6 was fairly funny.

  • nope

    why dont you credit somethingawful for these you fucking hack

  • Mike

    Classic GIFs. theChive never disappoints.

    • Ha no

      I think you mean 'somethingawful never disappoints'

  • busternut

    That guy is a total dickbag. A douche of the highest order. Spits in the faces of other players. If that piece of shit tried that with me Id rip his head off and shit down the hole.
    Dirty bastard

  • SeaBassEX
  • Marie
  • Anonymous

    Stolen from

  • Tim

    Does the administrator never check comments? Please feel free to give credit to the actual creators any time.

  • Fark

    These were all stolen from FARK.

    • FingerBang


    • fark

      lol, fark. do people still use that site?

  • FingerBang
  • congo

    Please replace 'star' in title with 'troglodyte'

  • goesnowhere

    Literally eBaum's World v. 2. The Goons @ Something Awful who made these better damn well get recognized for these masterpieces. I owe them this much after how much they made me laugh my ass off.

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