• aaa

    doesn't have the hilarious arrogant smugness of the old spice commercial. but it has boobs. yay for boobs

    • Mello-

      Rosie Jones …. is H.O.T.

      • SweetAwesomeness

        huge ol' tits?!? yes indeed!

        • Arufist

          you can say that gain


    Chive should run ads like this instead of that stupid Dead Space 2 commercial.

    • basshead

      for sure. unrelated i have adblock but saw the ad! WTF?

    • chived

      pisses me off unexplainable amounts that DS2 advert

      • SeaBassEX

        If your time is so valuable, why the fuck are you here?

        • SweetAwesomeness

          kick his ass SeaBass!!

    • TCUchiver

      if i could i would thumbs up this post a million times!!!

    • lfgd1978

      I love hot lady's as much as the next guy but Dead Space 2 is an awesome game

  • Aytchie

    Tickets AND Beer?! What a woman!

    • Veritas

      Titties, tickets, and beer. One hell of a woman

  • Dan

    I have an urge to go read Page 3.

  • Me!

    she would be perfect if she didn't talk… cause talking leads to bitching!

    • Jesus Muniz

      just remember that a woman cant talk with a dick in her mouth

      • Azairian

        the talented ones can 😉 if you know what i mean.

  • immelting....

    damn……….. if i were only that easy…….

  • aosux

    Where do I get "Page 3"?

    • Mcardle

      It's the 3rd page of the British Newspaper the Sun. Or the Star if you live on a council estate….

    • englishman

      This is a standard for us, half naked beautiful women in our newspapers!

      • Wing Zero

        Damn you, Britian. You win this time.

        • Seldi84

          Yes, Yes we do and the tear educing thing is, she's not even the most attractive page 3 girl.

          • AnyoneforCoffee

            No, no she isn't.

            Bless her ten little toes for trying though.

      • Dmitri

        Question: What do you do if you want to see a beautiful woman in Britain ? Answer: You have to open page 3 ! sad story….

    • chived

      im not sure either but im gonna try looking around page 16…

    • Pez
  • zym

    Dear sweet mercy, I love Rosie Jones.

    • Wolfram

      Me too until I heard her "acting". But hey, who cares, she's got a nice rack!

  • pearl exr

    Why hello, Mrs. Mustafa. Playing games with us now? What swagger you have…

  • do it

    the sun is an awesome newspaper….

  • Dingle Berry

    Hair Bra FTW

  • Airwalktdk

    god i love the sun – been getting an almost daily dose of bewbs everyday for almost 6 years now.

  • Henrik

    How did she end up on…. the car?

  • The Dude

    Hey Chive

    Find her


    • Rob

      Jesus Christ…..It's Rosie Jones!!! Find her your damn self. Chive's already found her hundreds of times!! She's all over the internet.

      • The Dude

        Ha calm down man. thanks for the name. Its not like I actually care to remember their names. I will forget it as soon as i copy and paste it into google.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    wow…she has always been hot in pictures…but until now i never heard her voice…and damn is that british accent sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ROK

    look down, now look up – DEADSPACE 2!!!! aaahahaha

  • jomosodope

    I didn't have coconuts in my hand….

  • Fish stick

    I'd rather read page 4, immm keeding 🙂

  • Naz1962

    Heheh … loved it! I think I could almost see nipple, but maybe my imagination.

  • Low

    I MUST NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nick

      "page3" is the third page in British tabloid newspapers. It has a nearly naked chick showing her tits. Every day. Its great.

      Google "Daily star" or "The Sun"

  • GarlicInYourEye

    Google Rosie Jones and you'll have all the "page 3s" that you could imagine.

  • Bob Bacon
  • laguna11

    you can spin the P3 girls around here:

  • Terry

    I will donate more if you stop with the dead space ads!!!

  • mipo2010

    Rosie Jones should become a Chiver!!! Chive, make it happen

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