• Seldi84

    I love page 3. Every morning you wake up to the newspaper, the Sun's not quite news and a lovely lady with her baps out to take away the dreariness of life.

    • @Jeffrey__Scott

      I can't believe I forgot to pick up a copy of the Sun when I went to London.

  • Rolis

    why did i look down when she told me to??? and those are some nice big coconuts

  • caleb

    this game is an atrocity

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    Page 3 girls are the best girls. 🙂
    About the only thing the Sun is good for. LOL

  • Leotris

    British tabloids for the win, I don't see hard hitting journalism like that in the Washington Post.

    The Sun current affairs for builders since 1970, we love it.

  • Adam

    God bless Rosie Jones

  • azbtchs


  • jarvis

    totally agree

  • MiddleLane

    The "perfect girlfriend," and she only brought TWO beers?

    And how much is it going to cost me to rent that Ferrari for the day to impress her?


  • Bob

    Americans should have page 3 too, daily boobs are an awesome way to start the day. Come here where we are far less consevative 😉

  • Terry Burke

    Chive! WTF like 2 weeks ago you said no more deadspace 2 adds! what the fuck! why did i get and add for it before this vid. fix your shit!

  • Nahdawg

    So, I bought Dead Space 2. It didn't come with anything to turn off the ads..

  • Maxipad

    Why don't chive Vids work on iPad anymore?

    • Ken

      because wordpress do not want to support overpriced apple products. Go Samsung!

  • a.i.

    hm.. i have to see an ad to see an ad.. ooook

  • Ric

    Google Rhian Sugden right now.

    You're shmelcome.

  • Trepalium

    Can i please stop watching Dead Space ads!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    She should have said, "I'm on a porsche." To match the old spice thing better.

  • KYLE


  • WooHooForTheSnooSnoo

    I would eat her out like a mad thing

  • mikeduquet

    Sweet sassy molassy. Rosie Jones, you own me.

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