You drive what? (21 Photos)

  • Cqcumber

    #4 #16
    whats wrong with honda fit?

    • mgreen

      well…..its a honda fit, thats a start.

  • tugbote

    #10 Herp Derp

  • B_rad

    #21 Who has a problem with the Chrysler Conquest TSi/Mitsubishi Starion? Pretty good looking IMHO

  • Rahm Emanuel

    Seriously where is the Dihatsu Charade?? That bad boy got went from LA to San Jose Ca on $8 of gas (that was 1992)!!! As i recall it cost $29.95 per tire…my bike tires cost more!

  • Carlos SLB

    #12 whats wrong with the Pajero??

  • John Robert

    #8 making a comeback for muscle car restorers who typically put in modern LS engines.
    #13 my brother had one of these – what a nerd
    #18 an ex girlfriend had one of these – crappy car, all time beautiful girlfriend. Lauren
    #21 Chrysler Conquest TSi – circa 1988. 4 cylinder, turbo, 190 max HP, fast and VERY cool. I would love to find a nice one for sale. (Faster than a 944 from same era. The Chrysler was faster, and less expensive).

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