Daily Afternoon Randomness (44 Photos)

  • aosux

    *Crickets* Where is everybody. Oh, yeah. Shay Maria

  • jackfol

    # 29
    kill it with fire

    • SignisNigh

      If you dont put the space… a picture will appear in your post too!

    • Boris


  • Jizz Pants


    • Jules

      You sick, sad little creature….

    • Pudge


  • Danny P

    Two Chive windows open at once. FMJ.

  • Shawn35

    #7, she is gorgeous

    • lovebird.

      I'm a girl, and straight, yet I'd love to make some sexytime with her.

      • Its-a me, Mario

        I believe that you are not a man. And straight.

    • gorthaug

      better than a photoshop pic, not as plastic, just gorgeus

    • Brad

      I don't believe that the pic isn't shopped…

      • Mike

        Seriously, she looks much better without photoshop. She looks gorgeous there.

        • GI Joe

          Agree + 9000

  • BloodScrubber

    #18 Still my choice for pic of the week.
    No matter how bad I want that huge-assed Kit Kat bar…

    • Ken

      Best… Underboob… EVAR!

  • Brother Maynard

    Nice. More girls need to do that.

    • Cavall

      More girls would need to have those first.

  • Mikey WINS

    #32 I feel like this is the entire Chive nation watching the Live feed, praying for a wardrobe malfunction…

    Damn Shays fine.

  • nemesis

    #13 is awesome

    • McDonald

      Just scrolling up and down your comment is awesome!

      • mrjimmyos

        When I scroll up, I get sad, when I scroll down, I get happy 😀

    • Phondo

      awesome…ly anti-climactic.

  • Andrew

    Amber Who?

  • Barette

    At first I was like "aww", but then I felt bad for the little guy.

    • Bob

      People who do this to their pets should be shaved head to toe and dipped in india ink…

      • kevguy

        it's ok because this is a fake picture

      • hmmm

        chill, it's not like these animals are self conscious about their looks bro.

        • Ken

          Don't think he was feeling bad for the animals self-esteem – believe he was referring to the poison likely seeping into the poor little guy…bro.

    • DOm Casual

      I feel bad for the dude that spent an hour photoshopping this…

    • http://twitter.com/Z_Triple_T @Z_Triple_T


  • Wolfram

    So hard to stop watching Shay look awesome and dance in front of the camera… but then, DAR.

  • josh

    and i thought lehigh was a dry campus……LOL. #17

    • GK-4

      the only logical step from here is buckets and basketballs

      • pat

        then hot tubs and beach balls

        • Mr_Rob

          Then… beer trucks and cannonballs? (not useful, but you have to admit that would be awesome!! …)

    • hMMMM

      Lehigh is gay, GO COLGATE!

  • EMT

    I think nobody is going to pay attention to the DAR today… everyone is watching the video lol

    • ale

      chivettes will 🙂

  • ilikebouncinbooties

    Good stuff today! Thanks Chive!!

  • brad

    #30 i love you.

    • ohforfuckssake

      me too……… sigh.

    • Not Again

      I kept staring waiting for her to move!

    • that_weed_guy

      brad, your creepy

      • brad

        you spelled "you're" wrong, its okay weed guy, you're probably stoned.

  • GTO


    wow Japan (I assume); no matter how hard you try you can not make a real one…

    • ckris King

      Will they ever use genetics for something good like creating pokemans???? how hard is it goddamnit?>

  • Darius

    #6 How in the hell did you even let her leave your party without talking to her………

    • Ken

      Easy – you kick her in the ass and yell, "Your outta here stinky!" before making out with the cloest drunk fat chick you can find (who has no name)

      • that_weed_guy


    • ramen

      yeah "shes in your party" but you didnt talk to her? YOUR SIR ARE AND IDIOT

      • GI Joe

        *at, *didn't, *YOU, *AN…

        Sorry I just had to…..but he was an idiot…..

        • Nick

          It should actually read:

          "Yeah. She's at your party, but you didn't talk to her? You Sir, are an IDIOT!"

          • RayRay

            "She was at your party" – ostentatious correction (sorry).

    • nick


    • Steeb

      why would you even help the guy out with finding her name….he doesn't deserve help from the chive if he doesn't have the balls to talk to her in the first place…

    • its_forge

      Well, now that I'm a Grouchy Old Man it'd not have been an issue but when I was closer to her age I'd have been like "ah-d, uh-muh-dah, Ineedmorebeer" and that'd have been that…

    • John

      Easy guys maybe he has a phobia of hot chicks. Or maybe he did talk to her and got shot down and humiliated, hence the find her request. Either way find her and i will be all over that.

    • hMMMM

      Am I the only one that thinks this girl is….less than meh??

  • neil

    #13 made me spill soup everywhere! haha

    • nick

      so happy. first time i have actually laughed today

    • richard

      Why is that fucking funny?

    • Kilroy

      i feel like soup isnt the best thing to eat while on here

  • Darius

    #41 this is the sexiest picture ever. This is the image of every girl that walked by and you didnt have the guts to stop them…..

    • Jacob

      Its amazing how the Chive works and finds all of these girls. I'm starting to wonder if there's some special rule about the Chive similar to the 6 person rule where every single person is connected to any other person in the world through 6 people or less.

    • its_forge

      And notice how much more amazing she looks having spent like 10 minutes putting a little this or that on her face than the subsequent pictures where she was half an hour in the chair.

  • Mystery

    #22 can we get a last name for this Amber chick?

    • ohforfuckssake

      and an uncensored version of this pic!

      • mrjimmyos

        If you don't find it, type 'boobs' into google images ;D

      • that_weed_guy

        good one

        • egaset

          Search for "Sweet Kimmy" or Makenzie. She's done quite a few photo shoots and they are all fantastic.

      • defrostynating

        http://de.trinixy.ru/pics3/20080414/club_girls_28… There ya go, Tineye is your friend.

        • SotaVoce

          you rock!

    • J_Pooh

      it was on nsfw.org couple days ago

  • V.A.

    #7, #27. And a special 'Wow' for Olivia Wilde.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

    #6 haha i guess chive can find your date

    • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

      I'm still gonna do it the old fashioned way

  • brazzers

    Am I the only one who still wants to see a 2 pistols girl without a derp face? how did we lket them get away with that???? find the 2 pistols girl!!!!

    • Danny P

      thousand thumbs —————————————————————————>

    • Justin Hall

      I don't know if you're retarded or a troll.

      Wait, those mean the same thing.

    • shamshe

      I agree! what ever happaned to the rest of her pics.

    • crh

      yes indeed. I know she is much hotter than the derp shot.

  • 50-50

    Chive, Y U no have preview pics of Shay Maria in DAR?

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