Like it or not, Celebs Tweet too (30 Photos)


    #25 Yes, they call it a flash light poor people us it to show them the way in the dark or light their homes. "interesting"

  • isawoj

    Is that Helen Mirren in #13 with Russell Brand?

    • Ed Crane

      I was wondering the same thing. Looks like that saucy minx

  • Bob

    #2…There aren't enough fists in the world to punch this away, but God dman it, I am willing to try.
    #17…So much awesome in such a small space.
    #29…I wonder if there is a hole in that bag of doritos.

  • SSS

    I dont get the animosity toward #24.. Love me some Veronica Mars!

  • Scott

    Will the real Slim Snookie please stand up. Cough the orange mist of death is strong with this one

  • do it

    #24 kristen bell just gets hotter and hotter…

  • force kin

    well thats 2 mins of my life i wont see again

  • KyleGamgee

    #24 Hers are best pictures

  • clungebeast

    #2 deleted scene from I am legend, where will smith goes into the building after his dog and shines his torch on the huddled up fiends!

  • Chiefan

    #1 needs to make a photo bomb post

  • donyale

    Kim K is SOOOO overrated, she makes me want to wretch bile!Hell, the neighbors pitbull is cuter than she is. GAG!

  • P-diddy

    the fact that people consider the cast of Jersey Shore "celebrities" is really sad

  • Sugreev2001

    #17 That's Arnie's post-sex picture

  • @JC_zoracel

    #13 what does she see in him?

  • Robert

    #17 its cool to see these two together, cause i grew up on their films. Also, #15 makes me think of the SouthPark episodes that make fun of Kanye and Bono.

  • mike hunt

    is that stephen mandel mayor of edmonton grindin that hottie…i didnt know my mayor was that cool #8

  • zack

    how long until the dog in #20 commits suicide

  • TheBlackChiver

    #15 Mr.West is in the muthafuckin building. Toast to the assholes.
    #17 it looks like arnold is saying. "AAARRRGHHHHHH"

  • Marla

    For people who are supposedly rich, they have some crappy ass cameras/cellphone cameras!!!!

  • Eddie Sanders

    anything from jersey shore is not a celebrity. they dont act they were just filmed being dumbasses. just so happens that they made a tv show that tweens like to watch

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