More fit girls for you to decide are they hot or not (30 Photos)

  • Tony

    First time I get to be first!!!

    And about 75% hot. Some are just downright scary!

    • Sid

      I concur, about 80% are awesome.

    • luis_pedro_sato

      good answer

    • Terry Burke

      still fail tho. even tho you are correct about the hotness…. you still said "it"

    • ROK

      it only takes about 2 months worth of friday night fish fry to fix any of these that might be questionable. thats why all wisconsin women are so cuddly.

  • Error404

    Honestly I'm not good-looking enough to be fussy,so yes,yes to all

    • kikiklas

      Request to chive: please stop renumbering pictures.

    • Dave

      I'm with you. I'll take what I can get. Although, some of those girls scare me. I think that could beat my ass.

    • @withquotation

      love the honesty. that's how most of the chivers should respond. most act like they are fucking brad pitt and can get any lady, so they are super critical.

      • aosux

        Actually, some act like we have women so we don't worry about who or when we can get it. Just sayin'

      • Yoda

        withquotation: confidence, you are without. You must fill the force, and beware, anger, fear, aggression, the dark side are they, consume you it will.

  • Ed Debevic

    Sure some of them are pretty manly, but none of them have what I want. And that's dick. Om nom nom nom!!! If any of them had one, that's the one that I want.

    • 's diner

      geez. sounds like someone's from chicago.

    • Fred

      I agree. I find women who are in good shape very attractive, but I'd really prefer a well toned male with a nice dick. Mmmm.

    • Elton John

      Agreed. Being as I'm a true Chiver, the lack of a dick is kind of a deal breaker…….

    • Paula

      I love dick…

      … in my mouth.


      • Fred

        Me too, Paula.

    • USMCvet

      Ed Debevic = USMCvet

  • tommybhoy

    #8 Without any doubt…I'd hit that!!!

  • JPC

    Between the lady-boy posts and all the muscle girls posts, I think one of the guys at the Chive is trying to tell us something…….

    • Ed Debevic

      I want more ladyboys and DICK. Om nom nom!!!

      • Elton John


    • Fred

      Just give me dick. Don't care whether its lady boys or hot guys. I need some DICK!

    • PWNT

      I think with all the lady boys on here, I might have to get a second look at some of the things I ate in the last 12 hours.

  • BigDingo

    Sorry what? I got stuck on #1

    • BigDingo

      Managed to scroll down… got stuck on #7

    • BobSugar

      kelly monaco, rawr

  • Lisa_Martin

    #7 is just amazing. My door doesn't swing that way, but I'll look through a window. Wow.

    • Nelson Costa

      ~that one is just perfect. and #9 too

    • BeccaB86

      I don't think you have to have a swinging door to appreciate a woman's beauty. I hope not, at least, otherwise I wouldn't be here either.

  • Brad

    #1, #7, #8 – I like them well-toned and not bulging.

    • Ed Debevic

      I like them well toned and bulging where their dick would be!!! Om nom nom nom!!!

      • Fred

        You and I seem to be on the same page. I like muscular men and women, but what I really like is DICK!

    • Wolfram

      I agree. 1 = Kelly Monaco she's a playboy model. So fucking hot.

      I would only add #9, #14, #30 to your list (14 omg hot asian ftw!)

  • PJ Fry

    Mkay, lets go through this again.

    Toned, fit body = Hot!

    Veiny, man body = Not!

    • Naz1962


    • Ryan

      YYup, chicks with toned abs = passable… chicks with guns and cannonball shoulders = not so much

    • Dufius

      totaly agree on that one…there is a line between fit and ripped…

    • mememe

      …i'd still let them rip me apart tho

  • Mjoker

    #16 and #27 are especially hott!

    • Shearede

      Is that a god damn 10-pack?!?!

    • Cletus Cassidy

      #27 can't be hot, she's black. which is why the chive doesn't post much of her kind on here, and rightfully so.

      • waah

        you're a fucking idiot

        • stamps

          stfu fag

      • Lee

        fuck you cletus! im black and i enjoy thechive. im glad to see some black women. especially #17 her name is chellss

      • Ric

        You are a prick….

      • gals

        WTF?? racist ass

  • Scott

    I might be weird, but think they are all hott. Even the more buffer girls in the gallery are scorching.

  • adam

    The bodies are all bangin', although I don't understand why chicks feel the need to amass giant biceps, because it doesn't look good.

  • blake honda

    I think somebody from the Chive headquarters have a fetish for buff women.

  • brad

    Marit Bjørgen would beat them all up!

    • Jak

      What? Djork can fight?! I did not know that

  • gffd

    #12 is my choice

    • CaptainWow

      Google Miss Prestin

      • gezza

        Google Blue Waffle

  • V.A.

    Well, #14 IS hot. And I don't think #7 counts…

    • Wolfram

      Anyone know who 14 is?

      • V.A.

        Wish I did… she's one of those 'FIND HER NOW' girls chive should look into, methinks.

  • Guest

    NOTT HOTT…..nott one of them….sorry Chive

    • tada!

      you must be a straight, fat chick!

    • lovebird.

      i agree. I'm a girl, and these chicks are banging.

  • Kringle

    #1, #2, #7, #8, #9

    that is all.

  • Wavien

    #9 Oh my..

  • DanielB

    #19 Oh hell yes, love me some abs!

    • Cam

      Mellisa Buhl

  • Chase

    #12 FTW

  • Torint

    The fact that this debate has been going on for weeks is proof enough that fit girls are hot. Even if you hate on them, you can't stop looking, can you?

    • Ed Debevic

      The fact they look like fit guys in drag is what turns me on!! Om nom nom nom!!!

  • CHAD

    #1, #7, #9, #14 Hell yes, all the rest scare the crap out of me.

    • scooby doo

      Chad a 6th grade girl could give you a black eye but not to worry because not one of these ladies would even give you a glace. These women look for self confidence, not a scared little boy.

      If you would hit the gym for the next several years you would understand that a woman with some bicep is okay and if you had your own you would not be threatened by it.

      I don't advocate steroid use but whatever a woman can do naturally is attractive.

      • Chad

        Yes any girl "could" kick my ass because I am a man and I don't hit girls. I do hit the gym about 4 times a week, and it's not there size that scares me. It's the fact that these huge woman have so much testosterone pumping through them that if I dated one of them (which I surely could) they would be 100x more likely to not be lady like and punch me in the face. Plus it just looks gross and I bet they have deep voices. If you think these ladies are attractive, then you are probably gay because most of them (minus there faces) look like men.

  • Chad

    #1 #7 #9 #14 Hell yes without blinking an eye. The rest of them might give me a black eye.

  • Bill

    #8 is Jennifer Nicole Lee, another of my favorite fitness girls, besides Jamie Eason. Think she does the ab circle plus gimmick.

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