OH SH!T (23 photos)

  • BobSugar

    #5 Goo!!!

  • Jonathan

    #1 Shit just got real

  • Ken

    Hey DaddyD – maybe this strange net-fact is true (aside from all the sexy chivers and their other original stuff) but just think how much cash these guys are making you jackass. Back to the grill now bitch! Make your $7 an hour!

  • Nick

    Too many reposts

  • nathan458

    At the risk of being owned by all my fellow chivers, whats so crazy about #18? what the hell is on the end of the nunchucks?

    • Ken

      looks to be something most deadly…also look like beer/can openers….

    • Akula

      These….are Panthro's bottle openers.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #8 Is fuck wild…wow

  • mike hunt

    #7 somehow reminds me of mrs. doubtfire

  • Wavien

    #22 Doesn't that look like Paul Mazurkiewicz from that angle?

  • Jojoto


  • cansoldier

    find the girl in the bikini, you know the one, mabye she lieks wet tshirts

  • amrith777

    Yes…hence the "OH SHIT!!"

  • Carlos SLB

    #4 and #6 granade alert!!!! 0.o

  • misainzig

    High res picture of the bat-cave, anyone?

  • Boosted

    lol this is one of the best thread of random pics i have seen to date. Thanks for impressing me chive

  • art

    #9 is jacked up. those are air force camies with a beret? wtf?

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