• Jessica Condrey

    lol >:D its funny because its true
    Although, sometimes getting a more intersting/ not bipolar girlfriend would help too

  • midwestdouchebag

    One could only wish …..

  • hilb

    and the price is your man card!!

  • Spork

    Was that Cookie Monster?

  • Manbearpig2

    Translating voice sounds like strong bad!

  • Heber Coll

    All of those expressions are pretty obvious in terms of what they really mean. If you seriously need this imaginary device you are either 12 years old or an idiot, seriously.

    The guy's translations where funny though.

  • its_forge

    Note to first girlie on couch: take a hint from John Leguizamo in "To Wong Foo" and get a foundation that's closer to your real skin color. And stop putting it on with a snow shovel. Is there a Manslation for that?

  • Diana Santos

    finally they will understant us! i´m gonna cry of happiness 😥 lol

  • Carl

    Is it Manslator or Manslater??

  • TheTruth

    Ok, that guy might be fine, but his moustache really really isn't.

  • Jon

    Woah, what's with all of the hostility here? It's a joke! Take it or leave it, no one is threatening your manhood.

    Also, the girlfriend in the first scene was way hot.

  • http://www.hotsexycaliforniastrippers.blogspot.com/ BillX

    help need translator one that works too.

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