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  • PJ Fry

    I can do that but I don't want to.

    Who and where is this guy?

    • Matt

      Some UConn quarterback I guess. Hes really good, but can he do it under pressure? if he can hes gonna be one helluva QB in the NFL.

      • Occam

        Editing can make anyone look like a magician…

  • Ichibankakoi

    What?! No way…

  • Eric

    worth that 16 seconds of garbage i dread every times theres a video…this guys a beauty.

  • Joshua D. Loomis

    I can't believe some of those shots are real. I have to wonder how many tries some of these took…

    • eroon

      Who cares? The level of outrageous far exceeds the need to count how many tries it took.

      • floscar

        Haters gonna hate.

    • Reme

      That is the only problem I have with most of the shots. Sure not EVERYONE can make some of those shots, but anyone with any degree of throwing ability can, with enough tries– though I'm sure this guy can do it with less attempts.

      • Matt

        He can also do it over and over again. Anyone can make these shots with luck. He does it with skill. Sure maybe he missed a few in between shots, but he proves hes incredibly good, by making 2 or 3 different shots in a row in the same shot (shot as in camera shot).

      • T-Arth

        The dominos shot was epic and perfect. Cant tell me that was his 50th try can you?!?!?

  • Suk

    Making fun of a superficial sport. Loving it!

    • Sko

      Being a troll douchebag. Hate you!

  • BzukaJoe

    I think it dun make a person become insane

    • Joe


    • the truth

      Consequences will never be the same.

  • Reesty

    these guys must have had a lot of time on their hands…well worth it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Austin/739253786 Andy Austin

      as a college football player myself I know for a fact that they don't…between workouts, practice, class and homework…free time is rare but amazing. I know the quarter-backs on my team do this kinda stuff during practice to perfect their throwing skills. Like the bucket trick…this guy is ridiculous though, pure raw talent.

  • tommybhoy

    hahah the dance at 3:06

  • Bluesman

    you should check out too, remy gallard on his football skills 😉

    • John

      yeah, Remi can make some of the most amazing shots with a soccerball

      • Kevin

        soccer isn't a sport……

        • ely whitley

          No Kevin, you're right FOOTBALL is the sport. It's where you only use your FEET and the BALL (it's where the name comes from). Our American cousins have a thing they call football for reasons I've never understood, which seems to be a safe, padded version of rugby with three times the number of players and a break every ten seconds where the only person who gets to use his foot doesn't even play. When kids in America ask, 'Dad, why is it called football?' what do you say?

          [oh dear- I may have just got myself alienated from the Chive community. What can I say?You slag off my sport, I slag off yours, we all love The Chive. I'd call this quits Kev]

          • Kevin

            hey retard you proved what i was saying……soccer is not a sport but yes FOOTBALL is! fucking moron WTF did you think i was meaning jesus get off your high horse pos

            • ely whitley

              I'm not going to get into a big slagging match here Kev but if by, 'soccer isn't a sport' what you meant was, 'It's not called soccer, it's called football' then I apologise. But if that IS what you meant [and lets face it, it's not] then I'd have thought someone as erudite as you would have found a clearer way of wording it so even a retarded pos moron like me could understand.

              does someone need a hug?

              • Mikey

                Well in mate 🙂

                • obitwo

                  lol. its funny how when people argue about football vs soccer Europeans bring rugby into the equation.

                  • bobo

                    canada brings in hockey, the hardest sport to play

                    • http://www.facebook.com/scubasteve4 Steve Bradley

                      Ultimate Frisbee trumps all!!!

                  • ely whitley

                    shouldn't that be, 'American football VS football'?

                    • Will Smith

                      In the original rules of football (which was a version of rugby), a field goal was worth more points than a touchdown. Players would obviously use their feet more often than their hands…..is wikipedia really all that difficult work?

    • slick

      I was thinking the same, good recommendation.

  • brad

    that appears to be the required haircut for quarterbacks. Nice shots!

  • DanielB


  • yuuuuup

    I like the music selection as well

  • steve

    What is this guys name?!

    • Not that it matters

      I believe its John McEntee

  • Bill

    I have my suspicions about the shot from the stairs to the bin at the 40, the ball looks too small…

    • NdP

      that's what she said.

  • David

    Fuck off lol

  • Eric

    my state tax dollars hard at work

  • Ryan

    Honestly, as a QB, he know's the field, plays and is incredibly accurate…. He'll play in the NFL… Little show boating, but wow (maybe 1000 takes on the video, but still wow)

  • Kevin

    Just to put this in an even higher class……he is a 3rd stringer for UConn

  • Again?

    Dont forget to check out Dead Space 2

    • xLSDx

      What is this Dead Space you speak of? I've never heard of it.

  • ROK

    Dead Space 2: Electronic Boogaloo

  • Kid81

    Aussies prefer Basketball. I humbly submit a mate of mine… Dave Black

  • sully23

    lets just hope this kid can produce next season! Go Huskies!

  • Lokobo

    Would have been great. but MIA AND Mgmt!? really. grow a pair……

  • Da Sandman

    blindfolded shots were lame

    • Dug

      And you can make ANY of those throws?

    • Ken

      Your mom did blindfolded shots and you were the result – and you're magical, so we just have to trust this guy okay? Okay.

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