• Eric


    You have the most charming flare a set of pictures could ever reveal. Absolutely the most beautiful girl I've had the pleasure of laying eyes on and whoever lucky guy (or girl, you never know) you are with or end up with better not let you go because they'll kick themselves until eternity. I hope you see this and understand the pure joy just seeing you brought me. Please be an amazing girl to match your flawless vessel.


    • Eric

      PS: #3 makes me smile every time I see it. I hope you know the blessing you possess having such a contagious smile and the ability to brighten not just a room, but the whole internet.

  • LuisV009

    I have those blinds in my room!!!!!

  • LuisV009

    I was going to say something witty like the rest…but I got high.

  • MrBiscuits

    I'm still coming back here…
    Just to make sure!

    When can we have some more Lauren!?
    Especially me… when can I have some more!!?

    Your're pretty!

  • AdamBaldick

    This is a older post but i think i won the Chive lottery finding it… Wow Lauren you are a knockout

  • Jen

    omg, you are so gorgeous and flawless.

  • Canadian Soldier

    #24 Wow, thanks from up North for sharing these, it'll keep us warm as winter clings on.

  • @mrbrixon

    after seeing the video in this weeks chivettes i had to investigate…

    this girl is beautiful. 10/10 for sure. and the personality seems to be there too…

    best of luck to you, in anything you do….

  • willkm75

    OMG!!! I think you are the most beuatiful woman I have ever seen…#27 perfect

  • jimjim

    awww yeah on the computer programming. ever considered part time modelling?

  • brian

    Absolutely stunning.

    She's so pretty she glows.

    Went to the Philly Museum a few years back, and they had a painting by my favorite artist on display (Mucha). I'd never seen one in person [Mucha painting, that is… Not paintings in general :)], and was immediately struck – the second i walked up to it – by how it seemed to glow from inside. It wasn't shiny, it was – bah, it's hard to describe without sounding like a loon.

    I knew the painting (one of the more well known ones) and had seen it in bunches of books/postcards/etc, but they never captured the way it seemed to have a a wall of lightbulbs behind it. It literally glowed from within – the whole thing…. It was amazing (regardless of how goofy it sounds typed out this way). Never seen her before today, but a lot of her pictures have reminded me of walking up to the Mucha painting that first time.

    Just freakin' beautiful. Amazing.

    Perhaps it's time for a site revamp? '' (formerly '')? I don't think that's asking too much, really.

    Don't answer now… think about it… let the concept percolate for a while… get back to me on it later 😉

  • Colin

    Lauren you are beautiful and smart, perfect combo! Thanks for being you. Hope to see you again

  • Nathan

    ive jerked off to your photos so many times….thank you lauren

    • Jigga B. Jones

      NOT creepy at all bro…

  • mike

    the intro was just as good, if not better, than the pictures. perfection in a nut shell, without the pedestal of course

  • lilix

    #6 what created youuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUU????
    this isnt even hot any more this is pure sex in like i dont even know….. a …a….an o'niell shirt
    please u dont know me i dont care marry me??

  • Rich

    wow, you are beautiful 😮

  • Chris

    Nary a picture in the kitchen.

  • Tarock

    Had to come back to this gallery because, dayuuum.

  • Bodhi

    Lol gotta laugh at these bleeding hearts trying to win you over. Fuck it PICK ME!

  • bill

    wow #24 awesome beauty.hotttt

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