• Audrey

    chive on brothers and sisters, chive on

  • Don_Aguelo

    I guess we are not scumbags after all…
    Except for Steve, who bought a Coke with his dollar.

  • PatrickB

    Hey Fluvanna, It's been a few days. What have the contributions totaled so far? Glad to help!

  • Nicsho

    Gave $5. Wasn't much, but it was the last of my paycheck.

    I want to know, is the little girl OK? What happened to her in the first place?

  • Dizz

    As a 5 year veteran of EMS and a US Navy corpsman, this makes me really proud of what I do! Hoorah!

  • Hofner1962

    Article here says that 2 days in they are now over 20K

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