When did kids on leashes become the norm? (26 Photos)

  • Jeff

    I wonder if these are even the parents. It seems they are all trying to get away!

    • chris

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Jay

        isn't that what kids do? They see something interesting and go to investigate. Parents may not realize they wondered off (perhaps chatting or otherwise momentarily preoccupied).

        Overall its not a BAD idea, it just doesn't look great.

        • Danny Ridgeley

          For me as a disabled parent missing one leg. I had these on my kids. For everyone who has kids they like to run away from parents when they are these small. For me I could not catch my ids. So to keep them close and safe I had no other choice when I was out walking with them.javascript:%20postComment(1);

        • Joe

          If you have kids, you understand the need for one. I thought they were silly and parents who used them were control freaks and just mean……. Until I had kids of my own, and realized it just takes a half second for them to get out site and get hurt.

    • dan

      That's the purpose of the leach, to not let them get away.

    • Jimi Pop

      If you need a leash for your child…you really shouldn't have children. People need to learn to control their kids, raise em right so they don't run around away from their parents. It's all parents being lazy, end of the story.

      • nutterbutter

        You sound like you have all the answers. IHow are your kids doing?

        • Jimi Pop

          Just fine actually, cause I pay attention to them. Never are they out of my sight while in public, and they have never been on a leash like a dog. How are your kids?

          Parents need to stop being lazy, some cases I could see it being needed…Like the person who is disabled, everyone else get a dog before you have kids.

          • thisperson

            I totally agree. I work at an arcade in a mall and people just let their kids run wild. It is not a zoo or a playground, if they get hurt, IT is not my responsibility. Stupid parents breed stupid kids.

  • Clamburglar

    Glad I missed that Generation

  • Big Daddy

    There should be a mandatory leash law for children under 4 that have no manners. Nothing better than having a meal and some kid comes up and harrasses you.

    • Mario

      You feel harassed by a toddler?

      Man up and grow a sack.

    • Skatomic

      And maybe a muzzle for you.

    • WordBoss

      Maybe you shouldn't be eating at Chuck E Cheese then

      • josh

        i lol'd!! so true.

      • Big Daddy

        But I love Chuck E Cheese's pizza

  • CIA

    #2 it became the norm when kids stopped being hyper and started having all these made up disorders and conditions, a good ole fashion ass whoopin would take the hyper right outta them!

    • chrisdg74

      If I could give you 10 thumbs-up, I would.

    • liz

      and spanking. this is what you get when you cant spank them

    • McBeastie

      Hey everyone, we're givin' out 10 thumbs up for rationalized child abuse! woo hoooo!

      • ACLU blowz

        Spanking is not child abuse. Beating is. But today, you can't do either because children are taught at school that if their parents lay a finger on them to call the police.

        • McBeastie

          "Ole fashion ass whoopin" is what the man said. Not spanking. I'm not down with either but I'm smart enough to know the distinction between someone who wants to go "old school" on their kid because the kid was a little out of line and someone who wants to instill a little discipline. "Ole fashion ass whoopin" is gettin' out the belt. "Ole fashion ass whoopin" is abuse. The guy who said it knows it…but you go ahead and defend it.

        • AuntGoo1

          my nephew came home from school and told my sister that, my sister told him go ahead and call the police, but they take you out of the house not me, his jaw hit the floor and that was the end of that. He is a happy and healthy and well behaved.

      • js019008

        the fuck is your deal? i had about 3 paragraphs written but i deleted them in disgust of your pretentious comment. someone should probably just take you out now, so no breeding can be done and ruin the rest of the population. i hate to admit some of your other posts had been rather funny but now i see there just a result of either your rose colored glasses or just a skewed vision of what the world is. i pray you have no children, for the fact that a total lack of discipline from children brought up by ppl like you are why we have criminals to the extreme we see in todays society. Mcbeastie is suddenly a befitting handle for you if there ever was one. dick

        • ouch

          now that my friend, was one helluva burn!

        • McBeastie

          Man, I bet those 3 paragraphs were Pulitzer material too. Too bad you deprived the world of your rapier wit and sensibility. I should be taken out now? I feel really, really bad about offending you after that comment (ps that was sarcasm; I know how hard it must be for you to figure that out).
          Sorry I didn't defend the "I can't beat them so I have to put them on a lease" argument.

          • Jay

            So how would you discipline your children? When I was growing up, if you acted out, you would get talked /yelled at and if you continued you would get a spanking. Even a child can make the connection between acting a certain way and pain. Since not many children enjoy pain they would stop being a little douche.

            Its not rocket surgery.

            • McBeastie

              Maybe by not inflicting pain and calling them douches. That's just me though.

              • Six

                McBeastie was clearly abused (read spanked) by his parents, now he really is lady gaga!

            • pjsupremex

              rockets do not have surgeries performed. just sayin

        • McBeastie

          by the way, js019008 is also a befitting handle for you too. Boring, forgettable, and unimaginative.

          • Phil

            No one gives a shit

          • js019008:')

            aparently a nerve was touched, dont cry though, apparently it is not your fault your a fuktard. i am thinking you were burnt with cigarettes as a child. or was it the opposite, did you grow up in a hippie comune where you were encouraged to finger bang your mom and steal shit to pay for acid hits and smoke? either way man, just let it go; it is all in the past and us fellow chivers can show you the way to reality if you are ready to make the first step.

            • McBeastie

              Nope. I wasn't burnt with cigarettes and there was very, very little finger banging going on in my household. Just common sense. Enough to know that being told that I should be "taken out" because I don't believe in hitting kids makes me the more rational one, no matter how many thumbs down I get. So, okay…moving on now….letting it go.


              • girl

                so there was finger-banging then?

                • McBeastie

                  joke. moron.

      • rooster

        liberal pussy

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-Vargas/566038551 Angel Vargas

          I consider myself pretty liberal, but there is no way I'm embarrassing both myself and my kid (when i have one) by putting him/her on a leash. Physical enforcement is the only way to not be bullied by bratty kids.

      • Nickincollege

        And I'm giving you a 10 thumbs down! woo hoooo!

    • Earl da Squirrel

      Couldn't agree more CIA!

    • pornstar46

      I was a horrible child and I tell ya, it's a good thing my mom put me on a leash, spankings did nothing for me, lol

    • McBeastie

      Okay, I apologize to you all. Go ahead and beat the shit out of your kids. Fuck if I care.

      • someguy

        Everyone should just smoke a joint and just relax!! Chill bro ! Chill!

        • Salam


          I believe in spankings, I just don't spank my own kid. My 3 yo boy is way more affraid of me putting his toy choo choo trains in timeout. All I have to do is threaten to put Thomas in timeout and his behaviour is modified and corrected. Works like a charm. If it didn't, id beat his ass (spank) or give him a "good ol' ass whoopin" (still just a spanking).

          • Salam

            BTW- I don't use a fukin leash because my boy minds me. Probably because he is scared as shit I am going to off Thomas or something.

    • krista

      a family member of mine had a leash as a kid because he kept on running into traffic and running around and getting lost some kids need it

    • http://www.facebook.com/adam.robins1 Adam Robins

      I was leashed when I was a kid TO make the ass whoopin easier, I was a pretty fast kid.

    • ssssas

      shit got real!

    • Tman


    • murph

      McBeastie is getting pelted with thumbs down- and its awesome

  • Stewball

    Why are most of the kids on leashes not walking upright?

    • pat

      treat them like animals and they'll act like it

    • newscot


    • Kay

      Because most of them are small children and the first thing that small children do when they get the hang of walking is try to run off. It's not necessarily bad parenting, just the innate desire of a toddler to explore and hang the consequences. I imagine most of them are straining to do that, or have fallen down trying.

  • Cpt. Obvious

    *insert bad parenting comment*

    • abipolarguy

      you don't get it. What's the alternative? this kids will be held by the hand , uncomfortably with no freedom This became popular be cause it's better for the kids and the parents.

      • DrAcula

        There is a reason that the umbilical cord is servered at birth.

      • Asterisk

        See reply above

      • Rick

        How about put down the f'n iphone and pay attention to your kids.

      • http://twitter.com/JC_zoracel @JC_zoracel

        What is your deal with holding hands? I'm 6'4 and my kids never had to strain or be uncomfortable holding my hand. In fact, to this day my daughters will still grab for my hand walking into a store. They're 10 and 9 respectively.

        It is a trust thing. They know that when their hand is held they are safe.

      • Steeb

        the alternative when i was a kid….gettin my ass beat. after that, you just learn to never do it again lol.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      *generic angry response*

  • http://twitter.com/Anakrusix @Anakrusix

    This is terrible.

    • abipolarguy

      you don't get it. What's the alternative? this kids will be held by the hand , uncomfortably with no freedom This became popular because it's better for the kids and the parents.

      • http://twitter.com/Anakrusix @Anakrusix

        You know… maybe the parents should suck it up and watch their kids. Leashes is the last thing i'm doing to my kids.

        • Kay

          Hope you don't have one that's severely autistic or hyperactive or something then.
          Come back and judge us when your hypothetical kids start running off in different directions in traffic.

    • bob

      You obviously don’t have kids or do, but don’t take them outside.

  • http://www.facebook.com/silaw89 Simon James Law

    Thanks to #3 I always assumed that it wasn't that uncommon.

    • Homer Sayz

      Everything I've learned throughout life, I have also learned from the Simpsons.

  • MSNardi84

    It also became the norm when Americans got lazy and don't want to be chasing their crazy kids around

    • abipolarguy

      you don't get it. it's not about laziness of chasing kids. it's about allowing kids too young not to be watched constantly to have some freedom. (discipline can't fix this guys it's developmental) he only viable alternative is kids will be held by the hand, uncomfortably with no freedom This became popular be cause it's better for the kids and the parents.

      • McBeastie

        someone disable this guys copy and paste functions please.

    • medtxpack

      i must have missed the caption saying all these kids were American. jackass

    • Irock

      Must be the norm for dorks like you to use improper grammar.

  • Dan

    Considering most little kids are mentally retarded, I support leash laws. All kids should be on one!

    • melillzz


  • RickP

    ha ha the kids on the floor said if your going to treat me like a dog im going to walk like one… FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK ha ha

    • les

      instead just cut the leash and scream FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! less jail time that way 😉

  • efrainoscar

    it's easier to use a leash than to teach them the required discipline to obey you when you tell them "stay beside me" or "don't run".

    • NonabusiveParent

      Discipline doesn't keep the pedos from grabbing your kid in a large crowd at Disney. Yes it does happen. They caught one with my friend's daughter as he was leaving the gate. Cut her hair, changed her clothes, and was at the exit in less than 10 minutes.

      • aosux

        Alright. I can understand at a place like Disneyland or Disney World that this kind of thing would be handy because of the amount of people there. BUT if you can't handle your 3 year old at the mall then you probably have a lower IQ than your child.

      • Ryan


    • abipolarguy

      kids this young cannot be trusteed to be this reliable. it's not a matter of discipline it's developmental. what people used to do was hold them by the hand constantly which is uncomfortable for the kid and allows no freedom

      • McBeastie

        man I hope you didn't reproduce.

      • Keith

        Holding their hand gives them less freedom than putting them on a leash? My kids hold my hand when I ask them to and I'm sure that shows that you care more than putting them on a leash.

  • zym

    Me and the wife put those backpack deals on the zymlets for their first plane trip, got one look at ourselves and threw the leash part away. Then they were just animal backpacks. Much improved.

  • damn

    i dont even need a leash for my dog, it follows me and does what i says. this is just fucking sad.

    • abipolarguy

      These kids are too young for discipline to work. Their brains simply are not developed far enough. Try a dog when it's still a very young puppy, that said dogs are naturally inclined to a pack structure, they accept and will have no problem with not being the leader. humans are a rebellious bunch.

      • Jules

        Wow… you finally said something different…

        Thought we might have a Paula competetitor.

    • DaveMMM

      Thanks Cesar Milan …

    • Mos

      That's funny, your mom follows me around and does what I says, too. Just fucking.

  • OneClownShoe

    Some kids are assholes and need to be on a leash.

    • Mario

      No. Some parents are assholes and can't be bothered to raise their kids correctly.

    • Ryan

      That's because they have parents who don't do their job.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tylermars.design Tyler Mars

    when 15 year olds having kids became a fad.

    • HisStory

      Actually, 15 year olds have been having kids for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It was just in recent history that the family structure made it uncommon.

  • mipo2010

    Just remember, your kids will be the ones picking your nursing homes…

    • nutterbutter

      Yep….although there are many more ways in which my children could pre-decease me, they won't have been squished by a car at the age of 2. So at least they are alive to pick my nursing home. Next week.

  • Special_K

    All these kids must be the consequences of condom failure.

    • MX-D

      There's no such thing as condom failure if you're too stupid to wear one.

  • Mongoose

    Funny…my kids each have two hands to hold…works just fine.
    Oh, and they're pretty respectful and don't act like wild, rabid dogs whenever we go somewhere.
    Being a parent is about raising your kids, not just restraining them until they're old enough to be unleashed (no pun intended) upon the rest of society.

    • abipolarguy

      gee your kids have to hold their hands over their heads, and have no freedom. Your have them leashed, it's just your leash is living and VERY short. Why is that better?

      • Mongoose

        Well…I'm not 8 feet tall and I don't have alligator arms so no, their hands are not over their heads. Yes they have freedom, for if you really read (and understood) what I wrote, then you'd know that mine don't go running around like maniacs so I don't HAVE to "leash" them by holding their hands. My point was that I don't rope them up like wild animals so that I can basically ignore them while they're attached to me and disguise it as parenting. My kids like to hold my hand, I doubt too many children like being trussed up like dogs.

        Sorry about your childhood, though……

        • Guest

          I applaud that you are a good parent and your kids behave, you are doing something right.
          For kids who are out of control though, I'd rather see them leashed than see them running around out of control.

      • Gern Blanston

        Mongoose – your response is right on the money. I couldnt agree more.
        bipolar – I have laughed at a lot of your comments, but….

        This is a prime 'Merica example. Lazy parents replace actual parenting effort with restraint devices. It must not be Scottish, because its crap!

    • http://www.twitter.com/jc_zoracel Showtime

      My kids don't have hands. *sadface*

    • yarrowforyou

      i agree my niece loves to hold my hand. the only time holding her hand was an issue is when she was a year and a half(i'm 5'8), we were on a busy street on one of the hottest days of the year, she had a ton of energy, and i had heatstroke. taking care of a child is a huge responsibilty- you gotta be careful not to mess them up too much

  • MattConlee

    #8 makes me not want to have kids for a very very long time.

    • Sizzle

      Judging by your picture, I second that thought.

    • TCUchiver

      this one is my favorite!!! BWAHHAAHAHAHAHA she deserves everything she gets for being too lazy to discipline her kids.

    • Six

      That`s what you get for using Chuck Norris` nunchucks?

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Yeahbeer

    There all trapped!

    • abipolarguy

      they are all more free than beige held by the hand. and more comfortable

      • ProudParent

        That lady does not look comfy. I realize that you meant the kids were more comfortable but fuck the kids, I say

  • PunkRockMohawk

    I used to think that kid leashes were demeaning and cruel… then my sister had a kid. It isn't all kids, mind you, but now that my nephew is old enough to get around on his own and is ALWAYS getting into something, then I say that YES, the leashes can stay! Again, not all kids, but there are those select few…

    • imjuliooo89

      Just lay the law down. Thats all you have to do. If you tell them to not do something and they do it, then hit them. It's called discipline and it works.

      • http://www.facebook.com/acasinas Alfred Casinas Jr

        totally agree with punk.. also, laying down the law has its place.. yelling to your kid or hitting them in public is just humiliation, and the kid will never learn from it..

  • aosux

    I would never put my children on a leash. Its just despicable.

    • abipolarguy

      you'd hold them by their hands stretched up t reach yours which provides no freedom and makes for sore arms

      • aosux

        My daughter loves to hold hands. And she stands next to me (most) of the time that I don't have a problem watching her if she happens to want to run around and be kid. She doesn't need a leash is what I'm saying. Or maybe it's me that doesn't need it, either way no leashes. I digress.

      • Jules

        Why don't you ever reply to anyone commenting on your comment?
        You sir, are seriously getting annoying. :p

    • out on a leash

      Wait till you have kids. You'll change your mind. I thought the same thing about my kids, and then on one vacation, my son desided he was bored and wanted to play hide and seek. There is nothing worse than trying to find your child in an unfamiliar environment.

      • Being an asshole

        There's your plroblem. You take your kids on vacation with you. Do they not have grandparents?

        • Parent

          This is correct. Any loving parent who has had a child disappear in a crowd understands the leash. Having a child missing for any amount of time is pure terror.

        • jake

          some people actually like their kids and think it would be nice to spend family time together with them. weird concept, i know…

    • jake

      its better to have a child with a little backpack/leash and let them explore somewhere like a zoo and not risk them running off and getting snatched up or getting into, oh i don't know, say, a lion cage and getting eaten. they can have a greater degree of freedom and exploration without actually getting too far away in a busy place. sometimes you're just somewhere that is far too crowded to risk your child retching free of your hand and dashing off into a large crowd. it happens.

  • Aytchie

    Kids, dogs, what's the difference?

  • Guest

    This trend makes me sick.

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