When did kids on leashes become the norm? (26 Photos)

  • http://www.nope.com.au smithy

    #25 this. everyone else is pathetic.

  • Hana

    I understand if you're with your kids at Disneyland or some very crowded event.
    But, at the store? The movie theater? Come on.

  • Nathan

    Remember, to put your kids on a leash, and walk them at least 3 times a day for 20 minutes. and bring poo bags with you, it not nice to leave poo in the middle of the road.

  • tag

    Just lazy parents. I can see why there might be times when you want them to definitely stay put, but if you are just walking around you should be able to handle your children.

  • floscar

    I used one with my kid. It is the greatest thing ever. They get to explore and if I felt she was about to do something dangerous I could easily put a stop to it.

  • puppys_mom

    My 2 year old obeys me 90% of the time, which is pretty good for his age, for the 10% of the time that he doesn't, I have a choice, dignity or safety? Lets see…… Will he recover faster from being run over by one of the crazy speeding drivers on the busy road we live on, or from the indignity of being leashed? Should I leave his infant sister in her stroller unattended while I chase him? The kid still poops in his pants, screw dignity!

    Of course the best parents do what they think is optimal for the safety and well being of their child, regardless of what anyone else thinks of them. Half the comments/looks I get are not nearly as bad as a trip to the ER or Morgue would be, and the other half? …. ask where I got my kiddie leash.

  • http://www.facebook.com/b1tpunk Eric Harding

    You know why this is happening?? Cause they be snatchin up yo kids… so you gotta hide em or put em on da leash.

  • dave

    my wife and use the leash when ever we go hiking. i think it just adds a level of comfort to us and it just seems like the smart thing to do when were near dangerous cliffs, but i don't depend on the leash i still make my son hold my hand.

  • dave

    my wife and use the leash when ever we go hiking. i think it just adds a level of comfort to us and it just seems like the smart thing to do when were near dangerous cliffs, but i don't depend on the leash i still make my son hold my hand.

  • Carlos SLB

    white people WTF!!!!

  • donyale

    Some of those heathens should be on leashes. lol. I'm sure most parents are like: any means necessary to protect kids.

  • bloomfever2002

    I have a leash for my daughter and it is to prevent her from running off. She loves the freedom and I dont have to worry about her suddenly darting off. It may look silly and cruel. but it is safer than praying they dont dart out in front of a car or something.

  • Alberto J. Ruiz

    My mom used these on me when I was little (exept they were able to stretch out, not just one length) since we used to live in south america and it was more confortable for me to be on the "leash" than holding her hand for five hours. The one I used only attached to the hand though. Those are supposed to be so your kid has more freedom of walking and wondering without the parent having to be nervous all the time. Too bad people in America do not know how to use them and rather just push and pull thir kids around with it… THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE USED FOR!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cathy-Pollard/1289193726 Cathy Pollard

    I was horrified the first time I saw a child on a leash, a halter type, I would never do that, I would be talking to them, watching, holding hand now and then. Then my 2nd child came, he could not listen to save his life! after he ran out while I was checking out at a store, I was panicked, I was looking for him in the parking lot w my heart in my thought. With a quick prayer, and survey of the lot, all was well: but I had learned the wisdom of a "hand holder", he was not put on a leash, but a hand to hand type tie, it rapidly grew to belt loop to belt loop, as he learned. It did not have to be used long: but just long enough to teach. He is now more than 25, and is truly a fulfillment of his name.

  • nutterbutter

    wow…these people are just trying to keep their kids safe and there are so many nasty and ignorant comments. I can tell you that there is one reason parents use these leashes…to allow their child to walk without the risk of them running headlong into danger. I used leashes on my twins in order to cross my street so we could meet the school bus. Children learn to walk at different ages, their ability to comprehend danger comes much later. Many children at this age will refuse the stroller and holding hands. There are just as many tantrum throwing toddlers laying on floors in public places without leashes as with. That's what toddlers do, they are learning. It's a phase. Yes please, show all of us stupid lazy parents that awesome video on how to do it better. We'd all be so grateful! In the meantime..if you don't have kids , mind your own business.

  • Sjaak

    #8 shows why. It shouldn't be the norm. But I can't blame some partners for doing it. I might even be thankfull now and then.

  • JoCano33

    clearly, many of those people have no interest in parenting.

    and to those bashing on kids, who do you think kids learn their mannerisms and attitudes from?! their parents.

  • Kay

    My daughter learned to walk before she learned to hold my hand. I lived in a busy part of the city and had no car so we frequently had to walk alongside heavy, speeding traffic, sometimes with no sidewalks. Until she learned that holding my hand wasn't a choice, and I got used to how fast and hard a running toddler can break free from its parent, I used one. It took about three weeks for her to learn to walk with me properly. I don't regret using the harness. And yes, I got ALL the comments from smart alecky to downright rude and my usual answer was "at least the next news story you hear about a toddler getting killed in traffic won't be about mine". Depending on how rude the original comment was, I wasn't always that polite but the message was the same. BTW I'm 40 and it was very common when I was a small child for parents to use a walking harness in similar training situations. I see nothing wrong with it as long as the harness is ditched as soon as the safety training is done. Now, when you start seeing 4 and 5 year olds on harnesses that's a problem…. though since they are at least on their feet I suppose it's marginally better than seeing them in strollers with pacifiers.

  • Shmo

    I had one as kid… I think its a brilliant idea. I turned out wonderful! =D

  • Aldon Samaha

    My wife and I had 2 daughters. They didn't need a leash. Later we raised one of their sons, our grandson, who got into everything and liked to hit the floor running. We finally got a leash. After that we didn't have to worry about picking up cans thrown on the floor in the grocery store. We didn't have to worry about him getting run over in the street or parking lot. We didn't have to worry about him falling from a 14 story building as was recently in the news. This kid could not sit for a full minute at the table for a meal. Finally in grade school we found out he was medically hyper. Once we got a prescription, he could sit and eat a meal, and he wasn't constantly running off and getting into things. He was not "drugged out." He just acted normally like his mother did. You take care of one of those leashed kids for an hour, and then you will understand WHY they are leashed. Look how one mother has 2 kids trying to pull her into 2 directions. All those kids straining against the leashes are "hell on wheels." It's more for THEIR safety than anything else.

  • TwinMom

    If you had twins, you'd understand!!!

  • guest

    Leashes help keep your arm in it's socket. And keeps anyone else from grabbing the kid and taking them. They do have a good use. Just not all the time.

  • the credible hulk

    Short answer, when parents stopped being parents and kids stopped being told to behave.

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