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  • Anonymous

    A good week indeed! IDK if I am first but im defiantly not going to say it…

  • Tyler

    Defiantly a great week at theChive! Don't know if I;m the first one but defiantly not going to say it.

    • Pufffdragon

      Just by saying that douche, you already said it . And while you are being "original" why don't you head over to the Video page a and bitch about the dead space ads. No ones heard that either.

      • Cavall

        Puff? Calm down. It's ok.

      • kaveman4130


      • Mike

        No man, it's okay. He did with with defiance.

      • Tyler

        Fine… FIRST FIRST FIRST and I hate those stupid DEAD SPACE ADS…… better?

        Either way all I was getting at was it was a good week at the Chive and people make to big of a deal about being first. Apparently your one of those people.

        • Puffs more evil twin

          Its you're.

          • Tyler

            Oh you're right, I'm sorry. I wish there was an edit button….

      • gok attack

        puff i got some og bubba kush for you 🙂

  • Ed Debevic

    #4 #8 What I hope to look like after my surgery. So I can get more dick. If dick were a food group, I'd have 7-10 servings a day. Om nom nom nom!!!

    • ed hater

      you are a dick

      • Ed Debevic

        Tell me how you really feel, ass! 985-655-250 Say it to my face. Just because I'm comfortable with who I am doesn't mean to hate!

        • Chivette

          Just because your comfortable with who you are doesn't mean you have to go around finding every possible way to bring it up like a 16 year old who had her first drink. Congrats, now move on.

          • Ed Debevic

            I had my first drink of dick and can't stop. Om nom nom nom!!! You should try it and stop being a tubby bull dyke.
            Ed Debevic

        • Cristi Palincas

          Sadly, you can't get results like that through surgery… which is too bad, really, I'd go under the knife if it would get me a body like that… then spend the rest of my life entertaining myself 😀

        • Mason

          That's not a real 10-digit phone number… Just saying.

          Meanwhile, in your mom's basement

          • cantkillcastro

            If I had a body like that the only human who would see me would be the lube and battery delivery guy.

        • Elton John

          You tell 'em Eddie 😉

        • chivediver

  • Hofner1962

    #23 wins cause she was a chivette

  • Jaf

    The best of the week is like 25% ladies with future lower back problems (okay my math is off)…no complaints though

  • Audrey

    Not a single fuck was given that day.

    • BeOriginal!

      Actually, I remember that day, and I gave a fuck. So you obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about.

      • DaddyD

        I gave a negative fuck which balanced yours out.

  • mipo2010

    It was a good week…An f*ck ^^^^^^^Ed D up there^^^

    • Mason

      Hell yeah! And no shit dude, he's been trolling hardcore. What a dick

  • Mark

    #4 must have a name

    • Ed Debevic

      Mark, It's Ed Debevic.

      • Freddie Mercury

        man, you're awesome. fuck the haters. you can gargle my man-marbles any day 😉

      • meme

        You do realize that Ed Debevic is a famous eatery in Chicago? The other (who posted above) is just an idiot.

    • its_forge

      Yes, but there are no hetero men who can remember it or even in fact remember if she has a head.

  • Turduckenn

    theCHIVE rocks

  • Ryan

    #8 #41 It's been a good week, thanks Chive!

  • Charlie Makarov

    #50 now thats how you get pink eye

    • Marmaduke

      4 girls, 1 cup

      • Diana Santos

        no please…2 already were disgusting enouth 😡

    • Nick

      it looks like a sorority initiation… it looks dreamy…

      • schnizz

        hell, i got pick eye and didnt have 4 chicks asses in my face…

    • Malkintosh22


  • bubblerider86

    #39 was possibly looking at #28 or #41….bc, just wow.

    • jamesaholic

      #28… still looking for that belly button.

  • laura

    #14 … Pass the marmalade?

    • Matt-Man


      • JMartin

        This is all rooking very dericious.

  • Meepsters

    #1 And not a single fish was biting that day.

    • DingoDanny

      And not a single lady was in the kitchen that day.

  • Dennis

    On photo 15

    I Know what your thinking…Little Rascals-Alfalfa

    • gaz

      no while looking at 15 I was thinking "I would totally motorboat that"

  • Anonmouse

    Chive editors from the fort!? where did you guys grow up and go to highschool? southwest, homestead.

    • Bob

      Homestead High School.


    • The Dude

      I was surprised to see that too! Dwenger here

  • Damien

    #12 Still wants MOAR!!

  • sap7e

    #42 at high res please 😀

  • MMAN87

    #15 to go please, Chive:p But seriously, what a face, and what a bod…jawdropping beauty, ladies and germs!

    • Rob

      Her Name is Jordan Carver

      • MMAN87

        Many thanks, kind sirB)

  • jace

    #50 chive… please help me make that a real… live action.. "SIMON" game. and not simon says.. but SIMON.

    • Cord

      yellow yellow green pink. pink pink green green. green yellow pink yellow yellow bluuuuuueeeeee!

  • Rich

    Who is #45?

    • larsl

      Danish pornstar Malou

  • blake honda

    The Bible

    You Can't Explain That.

  • 6655321

    #49 If it's invisible, why is there a picture of it?

    • chris

      good one

      • Realistic

        It's invisible from the top, where you could get hurt….duh

    • naigoto

      There are so many pictures of Ninjas and they are invisible too, you don't possibly think that deer is actually the spike trap, do you? 😉

  • seth

    #1 Driving: Your doing it wrong.
    #18 Driving: Your doing it right

    • Mike

      Spelling: You're doing it wrong. 😛

  • TheTruth

    Well that concludes a good week, I'm surprised there was nothing from the Fluvanna County post on here, that was just amazing! Well done Chivers.

    • Your Mom


      • Your Mom

        wait nope, sorry. Got distracted. #51

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