Chinese man has a healthy case of road rage (11 photos)

  • An Achiever

    I believe the preferred nomenclature is Asian American.

  • Pat

    At least he didn't go all Bruce Lee on her ass….

  • r.zapata

    i think words mean what you want them to be, chinaman like the n word, everybody should say it when they wish =D

  • davey


  • Yellowface

    Thanks for providing a safe environment for archaic and ignorant insults against Asians. Clearly, you guys are very white.

    • Former Chiver

      Strangely Chive's staff is 100% white

  • George

    An Asian man walked into the currency exchange in New York with 2000 yen and walked out with $72.

    The following week, he walked in with 2000 yen, and was handed $66. He asked the teller,
    "Why get less money than got last week?"

    The teller said, "Fluctuations."

    The Asian man stormed out, and just before slamming the door, he turned around and said:
    " Fluc you Amelicans, too!"

  • mtpuckhead

    It is sad how many people have had the Big Lebowski reference buzz their tower. BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  • tim

    Damn, the politically correct police are out in force today!

    • Ben

      Not quite a matter of political correctness, more like “chinaman” was used to disparage an entire race. Dropped the ball, Chive. Mistakes are made,

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  • CIA

    what made me laugh is that everyone is giving you thumbs down for that lazy ass comment…not everything in life is a sure thing bro LMAO

    • feasai

      I don't get how his comment was downrated when replacing L with R is just as lame and lazy.

      • Joe

        Because being racist is funny. As long as you don't mean it. Unless its towards French Canadians. They can rick my bars.

  • inkh8r

    Chinaman is offensive? Hell, next thing you won't be able to call them chinks anymore and people will be all up for not calling the Japs Nips…

  • Pendajo

    Maybe she ran everyone of the sidewalk with het icecream car?

  • bigll72

    How cool is it to see that when other cultures get cars and traffic they act just like us "stupid Americans" …………except John Wayne and Roy Rogers wouldn't do that to some fat old chick!

  • madmen

    Fucking epic!

  • Howler


  • EJM

    You know what's really douchey Chive? Constant racist jokes about asian people. How is this the one thing you manage to fuck up over and over?

    • Pufffdragon

      Really, grow some balls and get over yourself!!

  • Bruno Mignaco

    If you watch this post upwards it looks like a good chinese samaritan that helps a lady out and on #1 he's just yelling because that's how asians say 'you're welcome'

  • obe212

    Asian people are so stupid. You show em Chivers. Replace those L's and R's and over do it while your at it. Make it ok for me to hate on my own heritage.

  • Mad D

    Don't be mad Asian Chivers. White people make fun of themselves all the time its called the DAR.

  • Also Racially Deaf

    Really Chive? 'Chinaman'? I guess it's good those negroes don't know about this fine, all-white run site?

    • Mad D

      I don't have a problem with the blog post by Leo. I think most people just have a problem with some of the comments left and how it is a circle jerk of asian memes.

      • Also Racially Deaf

        Well as long as you dont mind racist postings then Leo is in the clear. If you don't understand why 'Chinaman' is incredibly offensive I dont know if I can help you.


    it's normal for americans to think this way. but then again 'merikans are all inbred, red necked, obese yokels – its true, i saw it in pictures

  • All White Chiver

    It's okay Chive, I know that raism against those slant eyes is still okay, you dont have to be PC like those darkies and big-nosed jews want you to be. How about a future post where a towel-head gets mad at a camel? Go ahead, let your flag fly, Leo!

  • chiver

    'chinaman' ? not cool. just sayin…

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  • Tom Sawyer Chiver

    Hey look, somehow the title has changed? No apology or explanation from 'Whitebread Leo'?
    Way to whitewash the site and pretend you never wrote it, Chive On!

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