Cosplayers placed into videogames. WTF not? (25 Photos)

These funny photos and more via

  • dave


    • daveismetroid

      rolfoflorlfofffloree LMAO!! dave relax no on eknows your the metroid man!!

  • sean


    • Corey

      first to thumb you down

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it

  • ohforfuckssake

    double bleh

  • ISU Birds

    #25 and we finish with a big old nasty.

    • DJM

      I'd hit it.

      • richard

        You hit anything that moves. When you come to my house the fish stop swimming.

  • PB&J

    The Chivettes better be extra damn special this week after this post

    • SirSparkz

      I think a Chivette COSPLAY gallery is in order.

  • Quixote

    #18 actually pretty damn creepy

    • Dave

      What game is that from?

  • Morgan Freeman

    #25 hump day 2 times a week?!?! awesome!!

  • davey


  • Marc

    Hahaha #25

    So bad

  • matt

    some of the sexy cosplayers would have been nice in this post, but #24 was an awesome game

  • Loccus

    Besides the odd rare hottie, I can't stand all this cosplay crap. You can be into geeky stuff without being a freak about it.

    • Wolfram

      Yeah! All those people who paint their bodies their favorite team colours are fags! (obvious sarcasm)

      Who cares, really? They're crazy for something they should feel free to dress up once a while just like the next sports nut.

  • Danny P

    Tell me you're all hungover from partying last night with Shay, and that's why today's posts suck donkey dick…

    • boobs

      For real. I've been somewhat productive at work today. WTF!?

  • MikeK

    Coulda thrown that really hot blond girl in there somewhere! You know… the Pikachu girl? Yeah. Her.

  • Terry

    #15 is the best. I laughed on that one. #19 and #22 good to

  • DaddyD

    Great idea, poorly executed … actually, shitty idea.

  • Aytchie

    Epically awesome! Great thread, Chive.

  • @narog84

    WTF with the last one you wanna make me blind?

  • Skye

    #18 awesome

  • Wolfram

    Is the funny part that they picked the worst cosplayers, or was the general idea the funny part?

    Let's just get it over with. Your posts suck today. Give us Sexy Chivettes and Shay and we'll call it even. OK?

  • Rob

    #16 This. is. genius. and terrible, more terrible really

  • Jay

    Why are there no World of Warcraft cosplay/screens? Such a wasted opportunity

  • Kman

    this is a HILARIOUS idea!

  • Brand_n

    #9 Strangah, STRANGAH, now THAT's a weapon!

  • FuckOff

    What's with all the hate chivers? This post was totally awesome, I was laughing throughout.

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