Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (24 Photos)

  • Cake is a Lie

    #16 I want to find him on May 20th and ask for all his money.

    • Drew

      This is my wedding day… I guess that makes sense.

      • Aytchie

        That's awesome…haha

      • naigoto

        The end of the world only for you, bro, the rest of us is cool. But there is still plenty of time to save your ass, think about it (;

    • Rick

      They will probably be mixing a huge vat of Kool – aid.

    • shawn

      it says may 20th 2011. you should already ask for all his monies

  • Oderus

    Thank you for what you do. The site keeps us all a bit saner!

  • Captain Caveman

    #15 toooo sexy…shes Cameron Richardson if anyone is wondering

  • hiya

    I only thumbed you down cuz your name is Paula

  • AJH

    I want more of #12
    Both of her and her horse

  • KyleGamgee

    I stared at #15 hoping it was a gif

  • Kevin

    Thanks for a great week. I would ove some Ellen Page and Olvia Wilde's number

  • rawnoyz


    have a good weekend fellow chivers!

  • theatomicnerd

    #18 No. Not single. Divorced. There is a difference. And do you think that YOU have what it takes to live up to the expectations of someone who dumps a prince?

  • dean

    must be jewish, they're too cheap to pay for delivery but they drive a lexus.
    also, they should've bought a panasonic viera vt25.

  • Needo

    #14 HOT!

  • Adam

    #13 yup she is hot and is it really bad that when i heard Olivia Wilde (#18) was single it was possibly the best moment ever????

  • berkaderka

    marry me hayley your fucking beautiful!

  • fasterthanu

    #6 I know who's house I'm breaking into.

  • Sugreev2001

    Ellen page is cute,not hot.

  • Hich

    Chive – you are my hero. I'm too timid to introduce my wife to you, but I desperately want to…

    Ellen Page = attractive.

  • robsterling

    #12 Your sister looks a lot like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Hal

    #23 I detect a new meme… The Cheek Peak…

  • dirk diggler

    why does your app for iOS suck balls? it hasnt been updated in over a year. News flash iphones can now multi task and view HQ pic please fix your app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://afamilyjourney.com Tom

    Where is the original from #11. I posted it to my blog and want to credit the source.

  • swarles barkley

    #11 that rug really tied the room together dude…

  • Pants

    #18 looks high…

  • Steve

    #11 is a way cool picture.

  • ANON chiver

    #18 still dont have a chance

  • Ken

    #14 I love the way the sun brings out her luxurious coat of arm hair.

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