Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (24 Photos)

  • Iceman05

    #15 I love it when a women wears a cowboy hat!

  • Michael Cera

    Ellen Page is more Beautiful than Hot, but Hot none the less. The fact that she's smart, is classy and actually act well only add to that.

  • Diana Santos

    #11 one of the most beautiful pics i have seen here 🙂

  • BeardManly

    I cast my vote for hot Ellen Page.

  • Ben

    #4 … just sit on the goddamned floor.
    Also, #18

  • Nick Ørtįž

    #14 Elen Page total hottie

  • Ninjack

    Ellen Page is very cute, I don't know if I'd say hot. Haley Williams however, very hot. I don't care that it's a dye job, still hot.

  • teacher

    #5 Former students. Very proud.

  • Chivemaster

    #7 Haley is a hot and yes, she counts as a ginger, end of story.

  • chong

    # YES!!

  • Maynard B.

    #13, #14- Yes, hot. She can jump on me anytime.

  • Isaac

    Just gotta say, I have massive crush on Ellen Page. So props for the post, I don't care what anyone says, she's adorable.

  • Ronnie Johnson

    Ellen Page is one of the hottest girls of all time! One day I can only be lucky enough to meet her!

  • Libertariandude

    #14 She's not exactly my kind of girl but I most definitely wouldn't kick her out of my bed.

  • Frankie

    I really hope you don´t forget about your chivers when someone offers you $10 billion for this website

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward for this Shay Maria post…

  • ros

    You guys are doing a good good thing. I'm impressed.
    It was a good week. cheers!

  • Jaco- PTY

    #3 is mine … my brother woke me up 7am saturday morning to tell me i got into Friday's DAR…. Best day of my chivin' life 😀

    CHIVE ON!!

    From Panamaa

  • Kevin

    #12 your sister is a horse?!

  • skuba808

    this dumb ass #16 is from my town. the local news has been talking about him all week. him and like 5 other RV went down tot the super bowl. the best part is when they interview his daughter. even she this he's crazy

  • (>^_^)>

    Donate massive quantities to a tiny, tiny charity, snap photos of a celeb, have a massive weekend party and then wake up and do it all again. 😀

  • Andy

    #6 You can afford a Lexus and a 63" TV but you can't flip for delivery? I guess all the money in the world can't buy common sense.

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  • MrCjv

    #5 Hey guys! Go fuck yourselves! Dipshits. That is all.

    • its_forge

      What, do you think Jesus doesn't have a sense of humor? We were created in God's image and we are all a bunch of crass wisecracking dipshits, what does that say to you? = )

  • wztarheel

    #10 What can you say except… WOW!!!

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