Ghostbusters Recut Trailer. Deep down you know you want to…(Video)

Honestly, I saw this Inception version of GB and just felt good about my life for some reason. Nostalgia I guess. Call it fate; call it luck; call it karma. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Awesome job by Rothejfunk, the creator of this masterpiece!

  • NickRob

    Ha this was great. Also just watched Stripes on tv last night and it reinforced how great Bill Murray is. That is all

  • Bennyg

    wow lets see some more deadspace 2 ads. i thought they were over with?

    • Picard_

      Learn to Learn Chump! Take control of your own internets!

    • Mike

      IT'S 15 GD SECONDS AT THE BEGINNING OF IT!! Hit mute on your computer and take a drink of coffee and ta da! the stupid ad is over. Would you rather pay a monthly fee…or do you think you can "suffer" through 15 seconds of ad time for the awesomeness that is a free Chive.

  • Phuk Ads

    Suddenly I want to buy Dead Space.

    • Picard_

      Suddenly I want you to stop being a chump and Learn to Learn!

  • Mike

    Pretty amazing what a great soundtrack can do!

  • unnecessary

    Interesting: the movie never loaded, but you know what did load?!? DEAD SPACE 2 COMMERCIALS! I cannot wait for this media blitz to be over. As the nice lady said, "I believe it will make a person go insane."

    • Picard_

      Chump you are, Learn to Learn you must!

  • Rolis

    i dont get it, why is everyone talking about DEAD SPACE 2 commercial, i have yet to see one……..i feel left out. and this was awesome, will watch this movie later today

  • lfsg

    "I think that Dead Space 2 add can make a person become insane"

    • Picard_

      I think you are a chump who needs to Learn to Learn!

  • Bill

    I much prefer seeing the same vids on Break without commercials. Later, Chive. It's been fun.

    • Picard_

      Later Bill, you won't be missed.

  • Rick

    Your mom hates this

  • Matty Matt

    Ghostbusters GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!

  • mtpuckhead

    Who you gonna call?

  • Brother Maynard

    If I buy my nephew Dead Space 2 for his birthday can we get rid of the fucking advert?

    • Picard_

      Learn to Learn chump! Only you can prevent ads from playing!

  • mackin

    So, I'm thinking all Chivers should boycott Deadspace 2 and mock the ad agency who created those annoyances.

  • @raredvdgeeks

    The Dumb and Dumber Inception trailer is the best though…

  • Adam Sandler

    best ghost busters trailer ever

  • Bob Loblaw

    im boycotting theChive for one week…..if i come back and the video ads are still up….it will be another week. Ads left….ok. ads right….ok. ads top….ok. ads bottom….*sigh….ok……ads in video….ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • Del

    That is one hellava Ghostbusters movie!

  • babymistakes

    This is why Hans Zimmer should easily take the Academy Award for best original score. Easily. But he won't. Reznor and Ross will take it. Bummer.

  • MacnCheese

    I thought that was awesome, although it made the movie off to be more serious than it actually is.

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  • robby

    fucking epic i have been watching the movies and cartoons since i was little will never get tired of them and i will have my kids watching them to

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