Meanwhile in… (20 photos)

  • Random

    #15 – I fucking love cocaine !!!!!

    • BobSugar

      it's a helluva drug

      • Mello-

        hey hey hey Barro Barro con los Colombianos …. son ustedes los Gringos los que MAS+++ cogen Coca …. as BobSugar Said " its a halleuya drug" Yesss To Colombian Girls

        • Vzla-FTW

          callate colombiano de mierda

          shut up you colombian fuck!!

          • Dude

            Why don't you go have some drugs, Colombians make some, but actually you are the ones who buy it, making the Colombian criminals richer (something tells me you are not very smart)

            • Colombian

              we make it…. you snort it… its that simple…

              • Dave

                i would give you a million thumbs if i could

    • Dave

      so wrong – Colombian Chiver

    • CyleJameson

      I hate cocaine…but I do like the way it smells…

  • BigDingo

    #10 Congrats! Let's hope for a peaceful transition to a more democratic nation.

    • Jonny P

      Boo lets see more carnage

      • Wavien

        Screw you Johnny! :@

    • Marc

      B) TheChive…Its time for you guys to do your job !!! We want a derpless face of the 2x guns 1x sword girls ASAP !!! B)

      • Guns n' Swords

        Amen brotha!! If you guys could get some nude shots too of her I wouldn't complain…..

    • Lodi Dodi

      Everyone all at once act like you care about Egypt…

      • Loccus

        Unfortunately Egypt has turned into the media's flavour of the month…..did Pakistan's and Australia's floods magically disappear along with the gulf spill? Egypt will be in chaos for months or years, but the media will be on to something new in a week. Enough ranting…bring on the sexy chivers. 🙂

    • Wavien

      Of course it will be peaceful, Ban Ki-moon just said that UN will gladly help with it! Yay for Egypt. 😀

      • aaa

        because the UN has a long track record of actually doing shit…

        • Wavien

          It's possible that they don't, but at least they do do something..

          • Bang

            The UN is only as effective as its member nations let it be.

            The US, for example, backs the UN when it acts in the US interests, and undermines the UN when it doesn't. As the largest financial contributor to the UN, the US likes to play the "it's my ball and I'm going home" game when things don't go its way (I'm looking at you, John Bolton).

            Arab nations use the UN to go after Israel, whether the issue at hand is relevant or not.

            Developing countries are (commendably?) banding together to fend off the economic imperialists. But they don't seem as concerned with humanitarian causes and situations like Egypt.

            The only countries who seem to actually support the UN in the spirit it was created are the Netherlands and a few other in Europe (maybe NZ too?).

            And no, I'm not European.

  • Brazzers

    Seriously though…Why havent we found the two pistols girl without a derp face? find her!!!!!!!!

    • inkh8r

      Christ why? There are thousands of pix of hot chix out there who haven't made themselves look like circus freaks! Forget that skank freak and get us some NATURAL looking hot chix! Bleh to the tattooed wonder!

      • DCMOFO

        I bet you're a big fan of the missionary position too.

    • marc

      TheChive…Its time for you guys to do your job !!! We want a derpless face of the 2x guns 1x sword girls ASAP !!

      • hmmm

        dude, 2x guns 1x sword girl is a derp, there are no pics without the derp face.

    • Finster

      shut up, SHUT UP!!!!!

  • PB&J

    #16 So many Gingers, so little time

    • llano2

      Should have been Meahwhile in Scotland.

      • fasterthanu

        Clearly, you're a sad angry ginger Irishman. Go have a drink….

    • ROK

      i'd love to drown in that sea of ginger… what a way to go!

    • Yep, Dutch

      That photo was taken in Holland.

    • naigoto

      I only hope that they aren't Jews or from Jersey, Eric Cartman wouldn't be pleased

  • T.T. Tiger

    There are so many things wrong with #2 that I dont even know where to begin.

  • Loccus

    #2 Hilarious

  • See ya bitch


    • TrollFaceKilla

      And give it to the religious fundamentalists! Fuck yeah!!!!

  • CIA

    #9 fuckin whore is going down!!!

    • rlmnofjean-ious

      really? where do we wait in line?

    • McBeastie

      For a coke whore…she didn't look half bad in that dress.

    • PB&J

      That's What She Said

    • Sharky

      …who the hell is this?

      • Mikey WINS

        It's Paula being escorted into a room without internet access. THANK GOD.

    • bubblerider86

      Can't you tell…that white dress means she's "totally innocent" :p

  • the voice

    #15 Meanwhile, off ur mommas titties!

    • McBeastie


  • busted

    #10 needs something like #20. Shit woulda been over days ago.

    • rlmnofjean-ious

      I like to nap after eating a lot of bbq too.

    • Brand_n

      Barbecue has been know to facilitate peace and mitigate civil unrest.

      • Anthony B. Joss
        brand_n…i would give you props but really _ underscore swallow a knive

        • Brand_n


  • zman

    #15 Cocaine is a helluva drug

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    MMmmm Redheads #16
    Think I just had a spontaneous O.

  • Big E

    #16 not one soul in that pic

  • nomnomgirls

    #9 I'd still hit it…

    #17 WTF?

    • erez

      it's a holiday here in Israel in which we put masks and costumes. something like Halloween. this guy is a soldier but for somereason forgat to lock his m16 at home.

      • shir

        i loled so hard at 17

    • CyleJameson

      Are you going to make fun of him? Thought not

  • David

    #1 is in Kabul, Afghanistan. Not Iraq.

    -A Soldier

    • MartiniUpBCOlives

      Clearly. What a blatant and careless mistake.

    • Nicnac

      #6 is not in Australia, #7 is not in Detroit, #8 is not in Detroit, # … do you detect that the problem might be with your humor/sarcasm sensor?

      • David

        Man…I bet you feel so proud of yourself that you grew some balls to write a smartass comment about a lack of humor/sarcasm to someone on the internet. Pat yourself on the back as you enjoy another Friday alone on the couch.

        • Michael

          Man, I bet you feel proud of yourself for using that insult. I mean, really, that's clever. "alone on the couch"? Awesome. Did you, uh, did you come up with that all by yourself, there?

  • happens all the time

    #11…uhh yeah. any of you ever been to a nickelback concert? they often sell out and are still one of the highest grossing tours ever. fail…just sayin'…

    • Danny P

      You sir have failed. At life.

    • sully23

      yeah you go to nickelback concerts. your argument is invalid

      • @withquotation

        "I'd give you two thumbs up if i could."

        • Mikey WINS

          Answer to your initial question… NO.

          None of us have been to Nickelback concert.

    • Andre

      #11…uhh yeah. any of you ever been to a nickelback concert? they often sell out and are still one of the highest grossing tours ever. fail…just sayin'…

      …. FAIL, just saying.

      • rudd

        know how i know ur gay?
        u like nickelback

    • Picard_

      Nickelback are worse than cancer and hitler combined…..

      • Shocketck41

        Not even God likes Nickleback

    • its_forge

      Doesn't really alter the fact that their music is "written" for them by a corporate marketing team at the record label and they suck beyond even the most concise definition of the very word "suck."

  • Aytchie

    #11 is pretty great. haha. Who doesn't hate nickelback?

    • Will

      Nickelback??? Not sure though.

    • Leezy


    • FuckOff

      The douche that posted above you haha

    • Scott

      Well done sir.
      /Slow clap

  • petewhip

    #9 Meanwhile, who gives a shit?

  • WTFever

    Give Scumbag Steve a bump. Coke gone.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      I dont even put chive on my mashed! dat shits real!

    • The Ugly truth

      That is not Colombia, they only make it. It must be renamed as "Meanwhile in the USA…"

  • lion

    Show Carlton some love #12

    • zagat

      That face commands money and respect.

  • @transitshawn

    #19 funny

  • uberbrie

    #20 The smoker made out of an old Tank is what we are really all about

    • lee

      there are some stereotypes that I'm proud to be associated with…

  • thegza


    • tag

      Got the most laugh out of me…silly japanese, so f_'d up!

      • GeW

        Except its London, and I gotta find out where to get me one of these cat suits…. 😀

        • Matt

          Its totoro, a character from My Neighbour Totoro, done by studio ghibli and miyazaki.

          • casual

            except its london the poster with the heart is to try and get you to cycle more and the map on the right is showing you local bus routes and the machine is for bus tickets

          • Jack Bower

            That movie was badass.

  • Imburgia

    #13 my absolute favourite…and yes that is right, I spell favourite with a "u"

    • DaddyD

      Yeah, some of the others made me smile, but this one had me on the floor.

    • The Spicy Italian

      Why? Are you British or something?

    • shake

      "…and yes that is right, I spell favourite with a "u""
      meanwhile, in England…

  • WTFever

    And not a single fuck I've got left for this skank

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