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  • Naz1962

    #7 funny stuff! (before you complain about me liking this video, remember it's all staged and practiced, so the little guy really isn't getting hurt)

    • yup

      Oh, they're getting hurt, but it's their contract, so it's all right. These people might be athletes but this is the dumbest 'sport' you could watch.

  • the lojik

    #5 Looks like a baby giraffe

  • floscar

    Holy crap #5 made my ankles hurt.

  • GhostHunters

    #9 The Reveal: We have something to show you…

  • CAP

    XOS do you work for VI?

  • VampJenn

    #8 they should do a Ginny Weasley(Aka Bonnie Wright) gallery, she is way prettier now that she is all grown up.

  • Heber Coll



  • Bud Ugly

    #5 – I love how everyone to her right keeps extending their hand and pulling it back.

  • yerp

    super win

  • rawnoyz

    #10 like a boss!

  • jeffroe

    #11 Sister is the high jump chick from the other week.

  • Seannerz
  • miscellaneous

    #10 , cute kid, drown it quickly

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