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  • Ed Debevic

    This needs DICK!!! I am disapoint.

    • DeltaSly

      take your gay a** out of this website and go look at some porn or something

  • Ed Debevic

    #6 I wish I was the lion so that guy was fisting my butthole.

  • Ed Debevic

    If dicks were a meal, I'd have 7-10 servings a day.

  • FedUp

    Rick, do something about this asshole. For real man

  • The General

    Ed Debevic = USMCvet. Mommy needs to take his computer away and keep him locked in the basement. I almost feel sorry for someone as pathetic as this child…..almost.

    • USMCvet

      Uh oh. Impersonating a military officer is against the law. I really doubt that you were ever a General. BTW, I am not Ed Debevic. That jacknut won't leave me alone. Way to go d-bag.

      ~Carry on!
      The real USMCvet A.K.A 'The Light Brigade'

      • blah

        and calling yourself USMCvet is insulting to other marines. especially when all you say is the most douche bag thing since the first "first"

        • USMCvet.

          first of all this delta bravo took my name… look back on previous posts. i got on his ass about a month ago when this shit started, DO NOT THINK FOR A SECOND THIS IS ME. you can either take my word or not. it wont bother me in the least.

          • Yoda

            Regardless of whether it's your alias or not I've seen your name crop up too many times above comments that prove you're a bell end. Die slowly, painfully and alone.

  • The Light Brigade

    I agree with The General, my douchebag radar says "ed debevic" is the same clown that always posted –wear it like a surgeon's mask– crap under the screen name "USMCvet" in regard to every picture of a woman that shows up on this sight. To the administrators, please get this asshat off the air.

  • The Light Brigade

    Wow -Ed Debevic a.k.a USMCvet- did you ever just get owned. All the site admin (Rick) has to do is look at this single thread and see that your "Ed" and "USMC" comments originate from the same email address. Finally the grown-ups can have their sites back without the presence of your childishness. Have a nice life.

  • calool

    This arsehole is ruining the fun of this site, it would be nice to look at a pic without seeing all of these obscene comments.

  • Rob

    Ladies…ladies….its the internet. If someone has to pose as military over the internet who really cares? Are you going to waste time out of your day to entertain all the fakers who clearly couldnt make the cut and/or have no respect for those who indeed have severed-still keeping the focus?

    End point being here is unless you know the guy, get close to a user and get proof of who your talking to and his service there isnt much way of knowing if the guy is complete bs. An admin will deal with the issue, they can do IP bans, name bans, user bans, etc. If it has to come to it they could make it to where a comment has to be approved. Or if it gets reported a certain amount of time then it gets auto-hidden perhaps? There are ways, they eventually tire themselves out and stop for a bit. Regardless, i dont care lol.

    Carlool….it would be nice for that wouldnt it? Lol…no respect.


    • The real USMCvet

      Hey Rob, SemperFuck Off

      • Yoda

        Still a bell end.

  • ORPO1

    All around good stuff. Love them Tomcat shots
    As for the proceeding stuff in the thread, I will leave that to you guys. But I do agree that the site admin should have not used said picture. Open to who knows what.

  • Ribeiro

    #57 it's dangerous

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