• MercSoldier

    we should do these $1 donations to various charities every month!

  • Kris

    So glad i donated. it was a good cause.

    this is why I love the chive. The brothers have not only created a great website, but a great community, connected only by a thread of humor.

    chive on!

  • esorg

    Nice Work everyone! Proud to be Chivin'

  • blah

    I support this cause and I gave $5 do them, but I was wondering….are these pictures set ups? For some reason I get the feeling that the pictures aren't really during their rescue services.

    • RRR

      I am an EMT and I can quite assuredly say that these photos were taken during training/practice scenarios.

    • Mike

      This certainly looks like the real thing:

    • John

      first, thanks for your donation.
      second, some of the photos we displayed lacked a back story (b/c i wanted to keep the article positive)… because a mother died in that accident and a child and a husband lost a loved one. so your 'feeling' is not only wrong but absurd and disappointing. but let's assume they were stage (they're not), would it make a bit of difference? these people work 12 hour shifts saving lives and your contribution to the whole thing is 'here's $5 but this is fake'. grow up.

  • Jules

    Is there still any doubt about The Chive's Awesomeness?!!!

  • David Plummer

    Proud to be a Chiver!!!

  • kenny george

    I certainly know that the CHIVERS ROCK, you all don't know what a difference you have made to my rescue squad with your kind hearts and your donations. We also appreciate all of the kind comments. THANK-YOU all so much!

  • Oshkosh

    Well done Chivers, well done

  • Frank

    Makes me proud to be a fellow Chiver.

  • cam

    Regardless if the pictures were taken during a real rescue or during a training exercise, I am glad us Chivers helped them out. I know I donated, and I am glad I did. I used to be an EMT-Basic, and I can tell you from personal experience that funding does matter a lot. Whether it is funding for training or real life scenarios. I wish them the best of luck. Good job Chivers.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    We is Proud to be a chiver…Right on…great job guys…and keep it going…we can do it…

  • Jess-Jane

    This is so lovely; how heartwarming. I feel all fuzzy inside 😀

  • its_forge

    TheCHIVE: Boobies and caring!!! Woot!!

    • Admanta

      You missed one,

      TheChive: Boobies, DAR and caring!

  • scuttlesworth

    wow, theChive gives instead of just stealing content? I'm shocked!

  • JohnnyCrosslin

    News anchor is beautiful! Great story – this is why I love being a chiver – and without comments like Pete's we'd have to live without awesome comebacks like WTVevers – Whipzingpow take THAT! Brilliant.

  • erikLOVESchive

    thats just amazing , chivers your totally awsome

  • Eroc

    So is it pronounced The Chive or The Kive, like archive.?

  • Jack Spectre

    Now that's what I'm talking about…Chivers giving back to the society from which they've taken so, so much.

  • Chris 'Rooney' Hayden

    so glad the chivers who us the actual website have more senx=se than the ones bashing The Chive on the iphone app…

    Guys you dont need to be told your doing a great job entertaining the world and quite frankly saving lives, but i thought id mention it anyway =) the app is awesome and i am very pleased with it, dont be disheartened by the odd goons that seem ot want to b*tch and moan about you.

    The World LOVES you

  • Joee

    With all the joking and underboobs put to the side.

    I love being part of a website, where there is no arrogance of people saying no.

    Very proud to be a Chiver.

    Great stuff guys!!

  • Prangsta

    theCHIVE: Now with Oprah powers!

  • Dexsquab Molutinator

    National website?



  • Ninjentleman

    Epic win Chive, epic win.

  • Chocolatebear


  • Fabios

    Just…I'm proud.

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