F#*@k Valentine’s Day (29 photos)

IN keeping with the rediculousness of this holiday, Anastasia International (www.anastasiadate.com), the world’s largest international dating community, has just broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD (TM) for Most Kisses Received in One Minute in a charity benefiting the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2011. Held on February 12, 2011, GUINNESS judge Lisa Gibbs officially recognized the group for setting a new record for most kisses received by a single individual in 60 second — 118,

I think we could blow this record out of the water here in America. I think we could easily do 125.

  • Zee

    Exactly what i needed. Thank you Chive for always listening to my prayers.

  • howcanubsoobtuse?

    #20 makin speed holes stupid Flanders

    • Yay Guy, That's Rad.

      Thumbs up for the Simpsons AND the Shawshank references.

  • Diana Santos

    #6 ok…thanks for the advice chive! ^_^

  • Jim

    #26 Absolutely hilarious!!

  • JMartin

    #20 – That's just fucking wrong. #26 – Your argument is invalid.

  • Zaedrus

    I think it'd make a person become insane.

  • Thisguy

    #7 good news is, when it dries, you'll have a sick interior paint job, and it was FREE!

    • Thisguy

      except for the condom you bought to cheat on the wife with

  • Il Duce

    The Chive should challenge the record for the most kisses in one minute!!! Have three lines!! One in the center….or better yet kneeling on the floor!! LOL

  • NOUU

    #11 this kinda happened to me once, had sex with a chick i worked with and the next day she told everyone at work i had a small penis….funny part was she got beat up by a mexican chick that liked me, lol.

    • Misterblacknz

      I think I remember this happening. New Zealands Big Day Out in 2002(?). Also had "Party at Scott Kellys house". Someone was not happy with him.

  • bubblerider86

    Best Post Ever!!! F@%# Valentines Day indeed! Everyone know Feb 15 is the real holiday….all candy goes on sale !!!!! xD

  • xxx

    #7 so cool-aid man got roadhead…

  • My_Rushmore

    As a vagina owner I'm meant to love this stupid day but it pisses me off particularly when it's just before, during or just after the weekend as the whole weekend becomes a social wasteland. PLUS I can't go see Paul on the first day of UK release!

  • provenzero

    #24 what's a baRstard?

  • theMorgue77


  • Pants

    #29 So true…

  • Anon

    #17 This always annoys me. Broken is not literal, but figurative, i.e. 'malfunctioning'. Not broken as in 'in pieces', but broken as in 'this toilet doesn't flush correctly- it's broken'. People who can't think of things outside the literal are litertaly idiots.

  • MeisterMon

    Wow, #7 , #20 and #24 are some vindictive bitches… and before you flame, only women would be that mean!! And you probably either cheated on him or were horiible in bed! He had no choice!!


    But seriously, the pick axes… I hope she paid cash and didn't get caught on film at the hardware store… cops will figure that one out pretty fast!!

  • Eight12

    I know him. Article is not real, but the name and photo are. He has tried to find info on this to no avail. Hilarios tho.

  • Maynard B.

    #26- Jerry, you're a fucking smart eight year old kid. You're going to go far in life dude. Leo, get this kid an application, will ya.

  • this kid can write

    #26 FTW!

  • chris

    Chive, I vow to bring that record to America in the name of Chivers everywhere (and America)!

  • TZJ

    Any Chiver here could dish out well over 118 kisses in a minute on their own… does the record required that it be different people?

  • http://www.nenovinite.com Mitko

    #20 This is in Bulgaria and its a mob job. There was at least 10 cases just like that all over the country.

  • onebadmofo

    For that most kisses video…they should have slipped a couple of guys in the mix for comedic effect. That dude wouldn't even had known it happened.

  • Carlos SLB

    #3 Forever Alone….

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