The times they are a changin’ (25 Photos)

These photos via buzzfeed.

  • Gabriel Balinth

    All these pictures are "a double take" in time and to me it's the 4th dimension in "going back in time" but only in memory-never possible physically.
    "You never can go back home again" paraphrasing somebody's literary work.
    That's immensely awesome and at the same time immensely painful.
    I always had, since childhood this "feeling of time passing" literally!

  • Gabriel Balinth

    Please, do these takes in time more often and anybody in the world who can. Thanks!

  • Henrik

    I started smilimg when i saw #21

  • Mike

    Very cool stuff

  • moeshere Foxdale

    I just love pictures like this…it's really a trip how much time has gone by for some places and the things that have changed…and we never knew it…right on right on…

  • Anonymous

    that’s pretty cool. who did that?

  • LeonardoB

    Well done on #10 wrong side of the road, wrong city, wrong country, wrong continent wrong wrong wrong wrong then again I could be wrong

  • Anonimous


  • Hungry NomNom

    AWESOME post Bob- those are really amazing

  • Motofox

    Aside from all the girls, this is an awesome idea Chive!

  • @JC_zoracel

    I wanted to do this showing landscapes before and after a Walmart was put in each spot.

  • vicrom252

    These are sick
    i cant do cool shit like this with my pictures
    i was born in 92'

  • Matt

    #16 – Tulsa Race Riots?

  • Edizzzz

    very touching…good job

  • fred


  • John

    Does this depress anybody else?

  • bigtimetimmyjim


  • stefan

    nice post.congrats!

  • Dave2fm

    24 is Manly Beach, Sydney

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  • hmp190

    i like #25 good matchup

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