There’s a lot of biting, licking and grabbing going on here, girls. (25 photos)

  • tommybhoy

    #4 Definition of Epic: this post does a good job at it

    • ROK

      thats 'THE FAVREWRECKER" on the left 🙂

      • jjs

        Confirmed. That is indeed Jenn Sterger.

    • Fisheyes

      The chick in the middle is Fabiola Romero. She was one of the FSU Cowgirls and she's now a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. Super hot and incredible body.

    • Wayne Jackson

      You obviously havent been to college yet…

      • tommybhoy

        My uni life has been and gone…..most of it I spent in the student union.
        Plus the weather is shit in Glasgow

    • jamesaholic

      #4.. New wallpaper for computer, as well as bedroom

    • Ken

      Nah, Epic would be if these 3 had rockets for feet (but same everything else)

    • chesterdrawers

      fast as fast can be you,ll never ban me…

  • Beazl

    Well that's a fantastic way to start of a day, a week, and Valentine's Day. Well done Chive.

    • Leadbelly

      I wouldn't even fuck them wearing 2 rubbers, just plain nasty.

  • Rob

    WOW! Now thats how to kick off a week!

    • gaz

      best chive ever!!!!!!!

  • roge

    tnks chive!!

    • Nunya

      That's it, we need more drunken college chick threads

  • Marc

    where were those chicks 20 years ago…lol…this sure did put a smile on my face….go chive go

    • Seldi84

      they were at pre school.

  • guest

    #23 MOAR!!

    • tropicgrunt
      • chuppy

        i really like her 2 different eyes thing going on in this photo.

      • let down

        did look her up… kinda think this is one of her better shots

    • CalculatedRisk

      Two guarantees in life: #23 takes it up the ass, and the brunette in #11 would screw you until you cried for your mother…

  • Paula

    Great new theme Chive, keep up the good work!


    • mgreen

      thanks we all didnt know that!

  • OmNomNomMan

    made my day…thank u chive 😀
    gurlz having fun…all girls are om nom nom nom

    @11 … like a boss …

    great gallery

  • Pokepoke

    Theres alot of derping going on

  • Chase McMann

    #4 YES, PLEASE!

  • SotaVoce

    Not gonna waste time posting numbers…Just find them all! Happy Monday and happy Valentines day chivers!

    • Geo

      Yeah, what SotaVoce said. Find them all! Esp. the girl on the right in #9.

  • thehookah

    Awesome new theme Chive!

  • Yeahbeer

    That made my Monday!

  • Jermy

    number 12 to the right!!!!

  • caj


    i issue a challenge to the chive…

    post a gallery of chivettes in edible attire

  • BravesFan

    #1 AWESOME!!! Way to start the day.

    • prabhath


  • Wow

    #1 #6 #16 just made my day

  • KeepEmComin

    #6 is awesome

  • Mark

    #8 kinda like where this is going

    • sean

      Please more of #8 (the one in pink)

      • Nick702

        Is it just me or does the chick in the pink look like Natalie Portman with LBP

  • MOAR

    #21 photobombed

  • jeparlefrançais

    That guy's just thinking "OMG !!!" … So am I …

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      is that ashton kutcher>?

      • hamberleaf

        thats exactely what i thought

    • prabhath

      let me do it…plzzzz

  • BeccaB86

    Well, well… Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  • Peter Lewis

    Best gallery EVER!

  • Anonymous

    This should be a weekly post!

  • Ichibankakoi

    #19 That is the loneliest man on the planet to the left..

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