This chick really likes Star Wars (6 HQ Photos)

I received these photos last night from an anonymous Chivette. She wrote, "Just some pictures I recently took for my fellow fans of Star Wars. Chive on!" I'll do my best to get her to reveal herself. Will keep you posted.

  • ryeguy

    For naked pics you must. "Do you must, there is no try." – Yoda

  • Crypt

    About to make a sequel in my pants.

  • V4Vendetta14

    That girl is my nerdiest wet dream come true!!!!!!!

  • Zach

    if most star wars geeks had a real chance at having sex with her they would finish at lightspeed quicker than the Millennium Falcon. maybe even ludicrous speed! but that's assuming they wouldn't be analyzing her collection for authenticity and limited edition numbers first.

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  • Samantha

    FIND HER!!!!

  • rakesh raj

    Hi fuke baby mera land(cock)10ench hey me koi do yong chut chodna chata hu .mob.8871104711

  • Carlos SLB

    #3 Booyah suprise buttsex!!!!

  • Roland

    It is obvious she is in her rich nerd's boyfriend's closet office-or the nerd photographer's lair ;either way this stuff is not hers she would not know a clit from a Chewbacca shit. She's pretending with some guys gear to be funny and anonymous. give me a break-that woman would not spend close to 500.00 on that poster. Some South Beach or southland asshole WOULD- or the Manager's office was used at forbidden planet-i'm telling you true she has a 7th grade reading level. has trouble with the NY Daily news or post.

    • sswg

      Wow, that poster was bought years ago when it was not as expensive, and I thought it was worth it because I do, indeed, love Star Wars, and am the true owner of all the items in these photographs. I do not know where you are getting a $500 quote on the poster from, nor why you would assume I am unintelligent simply because I am a decent looking girl. Way to stereotype.
      Also, I was reading chapter books before kindergarten, and was told in Grade 7 to skip a grade because I was too advanced for my class due, mainly, to all the books I read. So you are a tad bit off on your estimate of my reading level.
      I am glad you feel you know me so well as to say I do not know how to read a newspaper, you must have mistaken me for yourself. I am sure you must find it impressive that I can even read your grammatically incorrect posting. Learn to get over yourself and accept that not all nerds are pale faced guys, and not all blonde girls are mentally retarded.

      • Qwain

        Way to tell him!

        I (regretfully) had one of those exact posters. Oddly enough, lost it when my parents basement flooded out…. I was overseas in the Marine Corps at the time, but, kinda funny saying that I lost it in my parents basement….. 😀 But, that was some twenty years ago now…

  • seabass

    except she never shows her face…

  • Amy

    Sorry to burst your bubble, bue she most likely doesn't like Star Wars…

  • Always Last


  • William Ortiz

    aaaaaaaand its ON

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