• Roscoe


    • Falco

      Ttwo words: cargo shorts. Not impressive, douche-tastic.

    • pat

      not a solo cup. non of the shots count

  • sureal

    too bad its all fake

    • Wilson

      Explain please.

      • sureal

        its actually my job at a visual effects studio to qc shots that come through, so my eyes are trained to catch the very small imperfections done in video editing

        first off, this type of thing is INCREDIBLY easy to do nowadays, secondly there was a couple times i noticed the stoppage of the video, the ping pong ball not moving correctly, near the end, you can see the guys foot in the foreground, it stops moving completely every time the ball goes in the cup, and other small things

        overall very well done, BUT, seeings as i get paid to notice the small things, so i guess i cant turn it off anymore lol

        • Dude

          Mhmm, I think you are on to something there

        • yeabigboi

          I'm gonna go ahead and call bullshit on that one

        • not very important

          your just trolling

        • Awesome O

          This is shopped, I've seen a few shops in my time. I can tell by the pixels.

        • Kyle

          so how did the cup shake perfectly, as it should, every time the ball went in it?

        • Spivias

          i think you see that because they slow-mo some of the scenes

        • Matt

          your wrong sureal. The guys foot doesn't stop moving on some of the shots in the last bit. Sometimes it does stop and i'm guessing its just because the guy is anxious to see if its going to go in.

    • SinisteRtheWickeD

      Do you really think these clowns would have the ambition to spend hours doctoring videos, after wasting hours doing these trick shots probably whilst stoned? Doubt it. It's Real, just took lots of takes and some good eye-hand coordination.

      • JAFitC

        Eh, they're students at Olivet Nazarene University. Say what you like about the video, there is no way the guys are stoned.

        • SinisteRtheWickeD

          I stand corrected.
          Hey don't get me wrong, I was very impressed by their showmanship. Just from my 7 years of college experience gaining 3 degrees, guys who were this good at beer pong were either typically chronically drunk or high, I'm am more than HAPPY to be wrong.

    • http://www.facebook.com/animal107 Shane Ellerthorpe

      Haters gonna hate.

    • sureal


    • Justin

      This is coming from a person using the name "sureal" not "surreal" as it is spelled. Obviously someone should see that as a flaw before even reading his post.

      I mean, I could say I'm a vidio produckshun artest, list a bunch of things about it, and I doubt it would hold any weight since there's blatant spelling mistakes. Yes, grammar nazi is amused

      • aosux

        Maybe he writes each comment he makes and just got lazy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/scubasteve4 Steve Bradley

      Who gives a shit if it is fake or not? It was still fun to watch. People always feel the need to yell "FAKE" on every damn video…

      • MLDM

        I hear you. Everyone just let me live in my dumb bubble, I don't want to know if a sweet video is fake… although this isn't exactly the most awesome video.

    • debunker

      not even fake. this was real i was at a few of there shoots for the second video. they filmed these all over ONU s campus.

  • Randy Marsh

    Guy puts my beer pong skills to shame

  • Wacko


  • Mr_Rob

    Wow… thats a group of guys I will never, ever play against to…

  • Rick

    Your moms gonna hate it

  • mipo2010

    Chive, you should have gone home for the day after the Shay Maria post…You deserve the rest of the day off after that!!

  • Shawn

    Wow. The only thing impressive is their complete lack of a life.

    • Kyle

      they're in college, what do you do when you're not in class or studying?

      • ????

        get a part time job dead beat.

        • Kyle

          why would i do that when i'm on a full academic ride to ucf?

      • Max Power

        Have sex with women?

      • yeabigboi

        smoke weed

  • mr hunt

    stop deadspace 2!!

    • Picard_

      The DS2 ads are required as they bring in ad revenue for the website. Unless you are prepared to personally start funding the site, I'd suggest keeping your trap shut…or looking up how the ads can easily be blocked. Come on people! Learn to Learn!

    • ????

      get an ad blocker, i have never seen a single one of these ads

  • Dick

    Doctored video. ball disappears when it's near the cup. Doesn't actually go in.

  • Bro Montana

    i doubt this is fake, it just took a lot of tries

  • mike

    ball bounces then disappears in cup, you can't explain that

    • yerp

      drink that beer stuff, feel weird shortly after
      you cant explain that

      • doug

        ball lands in cup………..drink my own piss.

    • CT3

      dollar goes in, soda comes out
      you can't explain that

  • http://twitter.com/withquotation @withquotation

    i heard one kid took them on and died of alcohol poisoning. it's true cause it was on the internet.

  • Guy

    Ha, these kids were probably kicked out of school after this. Drinking is strictly prohibited on the Olivet Nazerene University campus. You can't even dance on campus, or wear shorts for christ sake.

    • ProudONUTiger

      You're an idiot. You're also citing rules from decades ago. I went to ONU and wore shorts all the time. So did my wife.

    • Rahm Emanuel

      It's an NAIA School it's not even a real school who cares…

  • Mike

    i think it a make a person go insane!

    • guest

      ooohhhh lordy,lordy!!

  • Uberbrie

    Slow motion = Badass Mode

  • The Dude

    How i miss college

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    Now Imagine what they could accomplish if they actually put all that energy toward their College Course Studies?

  • ProudONUTiger

    The guys that did this were students at Olivet Nazarene University. Chive, you should check out "Olivet Medicine Ball Shots" – the University President's response to this video…

    • agronomyguy

      Watched it, AWESOME!

      • JAFitC

        Agreed. You've got to love an administration with a sense of humor.

        • BeccaB86

          Very funny. You've got to love an administration that would willingly wear a seersucker.

  • ProvenZero

    Fake, watch the reflections in the windows around the 3:05 mark, no balls and the cup doesn't shake. I am sure some of the shots are real but most are fake. All in good fun thought so Fuck it!

    • Wolfram

      Well I rewatched that section a few times. I definitely saw the ball reflections but also the cup definitely didn't shake.

      • AlcoholicCactus

        I agree, the balls are definitely there but the cup in the window doesn't move when the real cup did.

  • GarlicInYourEye

    Like a boss.

  • Lefty

    I think it done make a person become insane.

  • Biggie Smalls

    Just Like A Boss

  • T.T. Tiger

    So this reminds me of some hazing that some houses would do to pledges. Only in this version each pledge has a ping pong ball and has a limited amount of time to shoot it in a cup wherever it is in a room. They prob got so good at it that they just strarted to do random shit becuause, hey why the fuck not.

  • Dan

    When these guys flunk out of college, they'll wonder why.

    • inkh8r

      I was just about to post about how much our kids are learning in college these days! But alas and alack twas the same throughout the ages, just with different hobbies.

    • McDonald

      Because they were being awesome!

    • debunker

      funny thing is they go to a school with a strict no drinking policy.

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