It’s Tuesday, you should get away (20 HQ Photos)

  • Nick702

    #7 new background found

  • The Dude

    is #16 real if so anyone know where it is at?

    • MikeK

      Right? Looks like something out of Disney cartoon. If it is real, I'm so going there…

    • Sean

      Its not "real" its the magic mountains or called something similar at Canada's Wonderland (theme park with roller coasters etc)

      In the summer there are people who dive off of it into a pool of water!

      Pick looks nice though 😛

    • Picard_

      fake – Wonder Mountain @ Canada's Wonderland

      • ROK

        LOL canada

        • Fid

          I've seen the Liberty Bell – LOL usa

          • Jason

            Liberty Bell is a real bell… your argument is invalid! – LOL Canada

    • lolnonomous

      i am sad to find out it's fake

    • Kev

      Yeah it's from Canada's Wonderland just north of Toronto. This is a great shot but it's not nearly as awesome as it looks here.

    • Gogi69

      That is at Canada's Wonderland. Just north of Toronto.

    • MC

      Canada's wonderland

    • Falthor

      fake… man made mountain at Canada's wonderland in Vaughan.

    • canadian

      its not real, its in canada near toronto, called canada's wonderland. its a theme park

    • Pornstar46

      Thunder Mountain at Canada's Wonderland near Toronto Ontario Can, man made structure, there is a roller coaster that goes through it called the Thunder Mountain Run

  • Martin

    praise to Jesus

    • Jesus

      I really didn't have much to do with it…Dad did all the work.

    • BigBang

      Praise my ass shitferbrains. The praise Mother Nature when you're done.

  • Wolfram

    #2 looks like outside right now. Well, ok, except for the mountains.

    • Anonymous

      Briksdalsbreen in Norway. It was a little smaller when I was there…

  • Dufius

    #9 #14 #17 are awesome…

    • walkingdeadonline

      9 and 17 are near Glen Coe in Scotland.

  • Picard_

    #16 is Wonder Mountain at Canada's Wonderland, a clear example of a nature fail.

  • Kuba Wrobel

    #11 Don't mind if I do.

  • Lynne McNaught

    #17 looks a LOT like Scotland! 9 days and I'll be there! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    #11 The hills are alllliiiiiiiive…..

    • Dufius

      Lucky you… wish I could go back there… I suggest you visit Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown. It's free and you get to taste 4 of them Single Malts Scotch!!! ^^

  • TOM

    #6 = AWESOME 🙂

    • Marco

      I have actually been there thats Monument Valley.

  • Chris Murphy

    Where is #7 located?

    • joe

      Would love to know too. That could be my new home.

      • Martin

        downtown Detroit I believe

    • My K

      looks like Hallstatt, Austria

      • forchersepp

        yes its hallstatt

        there is also the so called beinhaus where 1000s of skulls are stored

        • Jim

          Hallstatt is incredible – and yes, the bone house is creepy. It is so rocky there and the local graveyard is so small you can only be buried for 20 years. Then they dig you up and your bones are cleaned and stored in the bone house. Many of the skulls there have been painted with family crests and roses and the like. Cool and creepy at the same time. There is also an ice cave nearby, one of the oldest salt mines on earth, awesome food and beer, and really nice people. Hallstatt has had people living there for literally thousands of years. I would love to see it again before I leave the planet.

  • Tee6

    #16 Ya Canada''s Wonderland!! That place is soo much fun!

    • Falthor

      as a former Mississauga resident I love Canada's wonderland. However, let me tell you about this really great amusement park where I live now… it's called Cedar Point, and it BURIES Canada's Wonderland.

      • Tee6

        you are so right haha Cedar Point is like Canada's Wonderland on steroids

  • greenerblues

    These are always appreciated!

  • Big E

    Herp de Derp


  • Jules

    #6 is where Lightning McQueen learned how to drift!

    • Geshko

      Yep, Sedona, AZ.
      Also inspired much of the background for Roadrunner cartoons…

      • Bawb

        That is NOT Sedona!

  • shane

    hey man # 16 is canadas wonderland mountain. it was man made.
    All in all still a place to get away to I supose

  • Sean

    #15 All these amazing places and we're all sitting in our offices/ at home in our crappy cities…

  • liam

    I really need to know where these place are… gotta have goals, you know…

    • Dirty Dingus

      #18 is Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

  • doublemeat


  • Nelson Costa

    #4 this place seems so "cool"

  • DanielB

    #10 i need an infinty pool. Chive can you please put captions on the pics telling where they were taken? Kthz bye 🙂

  • Rylan

    #20 Puchbowl Falls right outside of Portland. Oh how I love living here.

  • jojo

    #9 and #14, anyone know where these places are?

    • walkingdeadonline

      #9 is near Glen Coe in Scotland.

  • Kal15

    #16 is a fake mountain, but I suspect a real picture. It's Wonder Mountain at Canada's Wonderland just north of Toronto. It's a great place to go if you love roller coasters.

  • mick

    I've actually been at #18 , it's (near?) Lake Louise in Banff National Park Canada. Amazing viewpoint, the entire lake was frozen when we were there, can't wait to go back there one day

    • duffydog

      Lake Moraine in Banff National park, Alberta

    • Tyson

      You are close. The photo is of Moraine Lake, which is just down the road from Lake Louise. An image of this view used to be on the Canadian 20 dollar bill.

      • mick

        aah, I knew it was near Lake Louise somewhere, thanks for clearing that up. Amazing view, picture still gives me goosebumps everytime I see it

  • Diana Santos

    #16 like a dream 😮

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