It’s Tuesday, you should get away (20 HQ Photos)

  • John

    #16 is From Wonderland in Ontario Canada It's a MANMADE plastic mountain where performers do stunt dives from it check the link:

  • Charles

    ditto on the background!

  • walkingdeadonline

    #9 #17

    The simple reason why I could never leave my country for good.

    • wolf

      #17 is Connemara, Ireland

  • Charles

    none of these pics are of Kansas and that my friends is EXACTLY why Kansas sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeahbeer

    #18 Wish I was there now

    • buggie

      i used to live there. like, right there. so fucking gorgeous ❤

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  • Skye

    #1 looks like one of the places in Fable 3.

  • LeonardoB

    Looks like #17 outside my front door in the Wicklow Mountains National Park 🙂 Hoor of a haul for Take Away though 😦

  • Fritz

    Lago Maggiore , Ticino, Switzerland

  • mrjimmyos


    Please Chive, can you upload 1080 pictures on one of these articles?

  • Jim

    I believe you're correct. I was there several years ago – it is described as the quintessential Alpine village. It is home of one of the oldest salt mines on earth, and the town is very, very old. The hotel I stayed in was over 400 years old. Great food – great beer – and natural beauty that is just unbelievable. The bone house is really odd, though…..

  • joeschmo

    Chive you should post the names of some of these places…there are definitely a couple of these where I would like to take a trip to

  • ...

    Where is #11

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