More animals that don’t suck (26 Photos)

  • Tom

    #3 Atuin!

  • jimbee

    I've seen #15 a lot lately but I still find it awesome

  • misschris

    #12 – Sugargliders make the most ungodly noise I've ever heard. My cousin scared the shit out of me with his. So cute, but seriously?? YouTube "sugarglider screaming." It will haunt you. LoL

    • steven

      Are you talking about their "growl" that sounds like a little moped? It's supposed to be scary. Cause they sure as shit can't actually hurt you (they'll bite and scratch, but they're fricking tiny)…

  • Diana Santos

    #14 trying a 69…

  • Salsa

    The best things in life are free…. and NOT photoshopped 🙂

  • floscar

    haha #20 "I said SPEAK NO EVIL!"

  • Nicheal21

    #14 TEA BAG!!!!

  • Frylock

    Frylock loves the handbanana reference

  • Charlie

    #10 #11 fail

  • @Gingergreek


  • top dog

    #3 Sea turtles can live to be well over a hundred years old in the wild…if left alone. Why would anybody want to hunt them is beyond me. We destroy everything we come in contact with

  • Maui B

    #5 scared the dog right out of the water!

  • borokris

    #14 Well done with your photoshopping.. I should tea bag YOU!

  • MacnCheese

    #21 "Egypt gets a democracy. That means food prices will rise. Better stock up! Just makes sense!"

  • JHL1

    #10 is one of those optical illusion pics. Stare at it for several minutes and a cat will slowly appear.

  • dsg

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  • Carlos SLB

    #3 OMG its huge!!!

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