Not a single f#*@k was given that day (22 photos)

  • Billie Page

    #15 reminds me of a shel silverstien poem

  • Adirem

    #21 is a boss

  • Bob

    #6…CATS, stupid fucking animals.

  • TylerV

    #3 Here's your problem.

  • mgreen

    hope when u ask for meatballs this dude doesnt come with it.

  • happens all the time

    Anyone know what #19 says?

  • GK-4

    hmm…..Star Wars themed restaurant. I wonder…

  • duffman0313

    #1 " And I thought they smelled bad on the Outside"

  • Trent

    #1 = #15 …?

  • Tyrone wallingham


    "When White Rabbit Peaks I want you to throw the radio in the tub with me."
    "You've gone completely sideways, shit man they'll make me ask questions, explain things."

  • jeplant


    Framed no less. Well done.

  • @Gingergreek

    #15 A lo's the fsm sent his only Son to die for us that day….with some Olive pesto, grilled chicken lightly sprinkled with black pepper, chives (oh yes chicken and chives ftw) and a garlic butter sauce….mmmmmm

  • Tim

    #9 is my best friends dog. His name is Cisco and he works at the elementary school in our town with the guidance counselor to make kids who are having a rough time at home feel better. They can just sit and play with him or go to the gym and play fetch. It's a pretty cool thing.

  • chiver79

    #2 Little Susie 1951-1952 R.I.P.

  • Aldi

    #10 and 13# are disturbing…

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