Shay Maria, presented without photoshop (41 HQ Photos)

Here at theCHIVE, we celebrate real beauty, it's our trademark. We think it's fantastic when beautiful women get dressed up (or down) for a professional photo shoot, but what happens after the shoot leaves a sour taste in our mouth. - Professional digital artists take something that's already beautiful and create something alien, unattainable, and completely fake. Women are tired of trying to live up to impossible standards and men are tired of looking at something they know isn't real.

While we turned up lighting levels on a few dark photos, not one pixel on Shay Maria today has been photoshopped (we'll gladly send the raw files to anybody who doesn't believe it). What you see is simply the artistic synergy that happens between the very talented model, Shay Maria, and bebe clothing photographer, Cavan Clark.

It's time to draw a line in the sand and prove that women don't need photoshop to be beautiful.

In the coming months, we'll be bringing you photos of some of your favorite Chivettes as they are, without the aid of photoshop. Now, when Chivettes submit photos to theCHIVE, they may find themselves flying to Venice Beach to be apart of our CHIVE calendar or other modeling shoots. Finally, We'd like to thank the elusive and enchanting Shay Maria for doing this. It takes courage to put yourself out there like this and she brought an infectious energy level to the shoot. Without her, none of this is possible. Now let's get to something we can all get behind, hot chicks.

Shay just started a Twitter page. Follow her here and on Facebook here.

Shay will be on her Twitter page today. Follow her here and on Facebook here.

  • dani

    As a woman, i want to give huge props to the chive for this. I remember seeing the 'Sex in the City 2' poster and thinking that's it, someone has got to put a stop to this bullshit. who knew it would be the chive? and at the same time, of course it's them. thanks, boys. #33

    • figurefour

      I'm not a girl, but I agree. Thanks Chive for celebrating the beauty of the natural woman.

      and #10 needs to be your logo or book cover or something. It's too perfect.

      • its_forge

        Well, "natural woman" who's genetically blessed beyond any possibility of comparison. But yes!

    • Biggus Diccus

      After seeing these I gotta go to the bathroom for a work jerk

      • Flash Gordon

        How did it go?

        • Don_Aguelo


          • Elton John


    • Ashley

      Agreed!!!!!! A few stretch marks, a lil shave shadow, and a few imperfections are all the way we really look! Thank goodness someone is putting an end to the stupid Photoshop disease! Why look at something fake? As a lady chiver I absolutely loved looking at these pics!!!!!!!!!!! WTG Shay for being woman enough to show it like it is, you are gorgeous!

      • Blurry

        These photos are boring and blurry as shit.

        • simon

          so is your sexuality.

          • Frank The Tank

            hahaha, you implied he's into men! how original! shut the fuck up.

            • Steeb

              a little sensitive to someone else's sexuality comment i see….

              • Steeb

                but then again, i am a flaming shit-stabbing butt-pirate, so you can hardly blame me.

    • joey

      Dani you are absolutely right, and this was one of the best photo shoots I've ever seen… So real and enticing, and really hot without the photoshop. joey

  • maxwell

    leave it to the chive to give us something sexy as hell all while dropping in pedo bears and photobombs #10 #26

    • Bazinga

      If you've noticed the pedobear and the photobomb, i'm afraid i have some bad news for you.

      • Jacob

        I didn't notice them until he pointed it out haha!

      • McBeastie

        Shut up with that shit.

        • NickRob

          Agreed obviously you saw the goddamn pedo bear just accept the fact that A. the chive is awesome and B. she is SMOKIN

    • Jason Ciotti

      It was very funny watching pedobear-man-pig walk around the set and get in the shots during the live photoshoot.

    • Joe

      I honestly did not notice either of those until you pointed them out, haha

    • Leadbelly

      Why do hot girls get tattoos?
      They make a 10 into a 7.

  • David Miller

    Would it be selfish of me to say MOAR!?

    • john v.

      right on! moar please!!

    • Keith

      See, this is what the Dead Space 2 ads are paying for so people should stop complaining about them. πŸ™‚

  • RangerW

    #14, the best of all worlds. Big Ass bottle of Jack Daniels, beautiful girl in sexy white lingerie. My day looks better already. Thank you so much!

    • ROK

      instaboner. and i mean that in the best possible way πŸ™‚

      • Sid

        seconded. wow

  • Paula

    Btw thank you sweet guys for all the gifts you sent me for Valentines day. The cactus dildo wasn't such a succes though, gave that to mom.
    Loved the "bloody Valentine" cards, but I'm wondering is they have a hidden meaning. I hadn't tasted the green cheese yet but it ran away this morning so no more worries there.
    Oh and the rubber poisoned snake was real! Later today I'll pull the pin to activate that little football shaped "Thai Hand Warmer". Thanks again!


    • fritz

      this gallery is not about you, you selfish idiot

      • Skye

        Wow attention seeking much? SHUT UP!

        • Puffs

          Havent u realized yet???…..

    • Rick

      I truly hate you

    • JMartin

      You're crazy as a shit house rat.

    • stuck@work


      • hiya

        paula sometimes i read the comments only looking for your name to thumb you down. you are truly the most annoying person i have ever met

        • Paula

          And just how does thumbing down help anything at all? Don't take it so seriously πŸ™‚
          Hell I even thumb myself down.
          Relax though, THIS Paula is about to retire.

          Firm hug,

          • LOLWUT

            Dunno if I should thumb down or up. If you go away, thats a thumb up, but you're Paula, so thumb down.

          • Skye

            You know Paula, I used to be on your side about the Kisses bullshit (yes it's annoying as hell, but who am I to say you can't do that?), but then you started this attention seeking whore bullshit just for the fuck of it. You would've been the one who's right if you just kept your fucking mouth shut and continued with your Kisses bullshit, but now you're fucking wrong because you chose to pull this fucked up bullshit. You don't know when to fucking stop. You're annoying, and you're only doing this for attention (says the person giving her attention).

          • Lucky

            DONT DO IT!!!!!! why am i the only one that reads these things and thinks its funny that she is pissing people off over the internet you bunch of fucking idiots seriously its the internet. enjoy the pictures make your comments for the sake of making the comment but why are you guys so pissed off? i mean i want you to be pissed off cuz thats what makes my day but your still fucking morons. Paula your funny i dont care what any one else says clearly if they are angry about internet comments they deserve to be angry. =)

            enjoy your hate and anger fucktards = ) and continue to amuse me.

            • Charms

              this. i also love when these basement-dwellers and middle-management types whine about paula(s).

    • David_Flores

      I can't tell if people have noticed that there are multiple paulas or not. It reminds me of Spartacus, except this terrifies me.
      Edit: I'm almost certain other people must have noticed… but I'm still so confused.

    • Alecia

      Looks like someone has read "The Art Of Trolling". And it's succeeding!

      • Paula

        Just 574 more thumbs down and I'll get my trolling diploma. I recently got an extra 200 points for the Paula tatoo pic πŸ™‚
        But seriously, it is sooo easy to piss people off online… everyone hates firsters and trolls, and we shouldn't reply, but still do. It really is a monkey trap (see # 1 here: Those annoyed by trolls really only have themselves to blame but don't see that. Let it go!


    • mgreen

      I hate this bitch!!!!!!

    • @EricDLarson4278

      Have any of you thought to simply stop replying to the "Paula's". If nobody replies or reacts to the bitch then she will simply get bored and move on. Don't even thumb the comments, scroll on and completely ignore it. If chivers can get Shay Maria to pose unshopped at the chive HQ then we certainly can get rid of an annoying attention whore.

    • Obadiaha

      cactus dildo… made me giggle the rest of the day.

    • Isaac Clark

      Am I the only person who thinks "Paula" is just a bunch of trolls?

      • Paula

        I think so, too.


      • Paula

        Well… duhhh! We're into disorganized trolling πŸ™‚

        The 'real' Hugs Paula

        • Paula

          I want to slit my wrists open.

          Paula the real version

          • Paula

            Just think about how many Chivers you would please by doing so… So obviously: don't πŸ™‚

            The hugs Paula (who started this because of the annoying 'kisses' thing and now has imitators as well of course)

  • fritz

    #36 those are amazing

  • Wolfram

    I like #8 and #31 and… well, ok all of them. Also yay on not shopped!

    EDIT: Also, is anyone else excited that chivettes might get flown down there for photoshoots!??!
    "Now, when Chivettes submit photos to theCHIVE, they may find themselves flying to Venice Beach to be apart of our CHIVE calendar or other modeling shoots"

    • Ibi

      If they want to of course. Seems part of the success of chivettes is that they don't have to model, even without photoshop. But whoever wants to, I'm all for it!

    • GaryMcGuire

      Show them the m-o-n-e-y! I mean, literally. I love Chivette Friday but without profit sharing it just smacks of wet t-shirt night at the bar.

      (which means I still look but kinda wonder about women revealing themselves for the gain of others)

    • Dazilla

      i think a lot of us chivers would love to have chivette calendars.

      • us chivers

        yeah, if we look anything like you, we're gonna need them(in bulk).

    • mrjimmyos

      *submits photo*

      I am so in there

  • J_B_O_M_B_E_R

    I think i just died and went to heaven.

  • JMartin

    You lucky bastards. Sexy as hell.

    • JMartin

      I just got the tingles in my hang down.

  • 123Roasthim

    She honestly looks sexier without photoshop

    • MMAN87

      I second this notion wholeheartedly! I actually like seeing all the little freckles etc on a girl, cause thats real and beeeautiful to behold. Thanks SO much Shay, and boy am I looking forward to more photoshoots of natural non-photoshopped girls!!! Chive, words cannot describe the awesomeness this is creating πŸ™‚

  • David Miller

    #41 FTW CHIVE!

  • G-mo

    Wow. What a great post! Thank you Chive! Natural is the way to go. I like knowing what I might wake up next to if I were ever to get a hot girl like this drunk out of her mind one night.

  • Pat

    #8 Great Gap!
    Thank you Chive! Thank you!

  • Beth

    #21, on behalf of women everywhere, thank you Shay.

  • Rick

    She may have a nice body but you have had many many many MUCH prettier than her.
    But like the old saying: beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    • franklin

      well today is your lucky day! you might have noticed the chive has now enabled linking within the comments. just upload a few of those 'hotter-than-shay' photos to imgur and prove it.

      nothing, rick? that's what i thought.

    • Jeff Mullin

      Its more so about her being a hot normal girl and being a good sport.

      • Phondo

        STFU with that "normal girl" crap. she's a professional model for fucks' sake.

        • Motte

          ….and most of them with their own gallery are. It doesn't mean they're not AWESOME, though.

    • Deuce

      I always thought the saying was "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder…"

    • Bob Saget

      Fuck you Rick

    • R-Dub


    • TicTac

      He says that because his girlfriend is much better right Rick? Opps sorry ..I almost forgot that your right hand is your girlfriend …

    • Mikey


      • top dog

        Alright, everybody stop being an asshole, it's just an opinion, it don't mean nothing.

      • cod limey

        wow, you're all a bunch of pricks. " someone with a different opinion with a different opinion! quick. castigating him should make our e-penises HUGE!".

    • H8rsGonnaH8

      Agreed. She is undeniably attractive, but I just don't get why everyone drools over her so much.

      While i also appreciate the "no photoshop" rule, she is still a professional model…

      • SKT

        well said

    • optimus

      You're not wrong. Just look at Laureen Gentile from last week. She makes Shay look like about a 6.

    • dean

      you're right dude, don't get me wrong, i'd totally do this chick, but i've seen hotter girls at the mall.
      i really don't get what the people on here think is hot, it's like any chick with a pair of tits and isn't fat is OMG amazing. this place is turning into facebook with all the overly nice comments.
      these people must be the ones who think it's a good thing when schools give out awards to everyone.
      "yay, everyone is special, everyone gets a medal"
      sorry, but not everyone is a winner and not every girl is hot, and we should stop telling 6's that they're 10's, or the whole system gets shot to hell. you think i'm going to put in the same amount of effort into nailing a 6 that i do into a 10? fuck no, those 6's get texted, but if you guys keep this shit up i'm going to have to start calling them and take them out to dinner and be all charming to get any action.
      chicks already over value their pussy as it is, ffs, and i don't have time for that shit.

      • Mr. CRG

        a-f'n-men! fake breasts are not incredible, they are in credit able. wait what? my point is, stay sharp Chive, many will heed the call, few deserve the attention!

        P.S. did I write "f'n men?" eww.

      • meme

        What are you? 10?

        What an incredibly juvenile post!

        I am willing to bet $10K that you're not very good in the relationship department.

        • Mr. CRG

          Bet accepted; my lady wants Louboutins!

    • Jessie

      she is fucking ugly.

      • Jen

        dean..are you fucking serious? you probably have the TINIEST penis ever.

        • Jen

          if everyone on here was a dick like you, no chicks would send pics of themselves. jerkoff

  • moar

    OH. FUCK. YES.

  • snookie.smoosh2x

    I want one for my girl! Where can I buy sweat pants like this?


    • izzy

      Yesss i want them toooo….plz make chivette pants for all!

      • SKT

        esp. us big booty black chivettes!

    • napamamascribe

      Me TOO!! C'mon John tell us where we can buy them

      • BloodScrubber

        Hell I'd be happy with a Chive window decal. Spread the word….Chive on!

    • Diana Santos

      pedobear is selling them…xD

  • Dr Doom

    How do you spell perfect female form? S-H-A-Y

  • hossmank

    Photoshop never needed for Shay! Love her.

  • BigDingo

    Oh and #40

    • BloodScrubber

      Agree, The lingerie pants…melted my butter.

  • Darius

    #10 Silly pedobear……thats a woman!
    CHIVE and SHAY FTW!!!!

  • meh

    Without photoshop, our women will start thinking they can get old and fat. Not so sure about this chive…..

    • GypsyBread

      Clearly, you are an asshole.

    • SweetLips

      we let ya'll get old and fat, why can't we?

  • chris

    No shop is way way better, she does look better without it. Totally natural. damn that is beautiful…

  • Skedaddle

    Props to Chive. And Shay. MOAR. Chivettes.

  • MeisterMon

    Bravo Chive Bravo!!

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