A fisherman with stones of steel (3 Photos)

On a peak near Downpatrick Head in County Mayo, Northern Ireland this man fishes nearly 150 feet above sea level. Allegedly the wind gusts can blow up to 70 MPH in these parts. If I was him I would pray not to catch a big fish. Then again if I was him I would never do this.

  • OhBeJoe

    I think you'll find county Mayo is not in Northern Ireland. It's on the west coast of the Republic Of Ireland.

    • Lou

      Yet again , the Chive fail at geography

    • Dub Genus

      same shit.

      • K94

        Two different countries. Republic of Ireland is independent. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom.

        If people have actually fought and died over it, I think that counters the "same shit" argument.

    • Andrew

      I'm actually praying that they're trollin because I feel sick.

    • Macliam

      Glad someone cleared it up so quick.

      • mac11irl

        Just about to highlight it when i saw the comments.. . I can imagine what any Mayo man would say or do if you told him he's from the North!! (You might get thrown off the cliff up there)

        • bud

          you irishmen still drink a lot?

          • Dave

            Are you Americans still fat?

    • David

      They may be wrong, but it should be part of the UK/Northern Ireland…perhaps then the Republic wouldn't be such a mess! …if only all of our lords had turned up to sign then the whole Island would have been ours. (This is from a Belfast man who's seen all the crimes and disgusting acts of the IRA over the years and still currently going on, and has had family lost to them)…before you Americans or outsiders jump in with your opinions based on media reports or a friend of a friend of a friend who is Irish, leave your opinions out.

      • Conor

        No, sorry David, the land never should have been taking in the first days back in Plantation times.

        Yes, the violence up north is absoloutely disgusting, but its not only violent republicans who use violence for the land, the violent unionists arent very clean either, they're both a nuisance.

      • Aine

        and what about the atrocities of the RUC the UDR or the british forces? dont even try it pal!

        • David

          Refer to my comment below + the RUC (or police to those who don't know) in which why grandfather was an Inspector helped as many catholics as protestants. The UDR and british forces were in BRITISH territory, not planting bombs in another country.

    • Fionn

      Yeah, you got there before me…It's one of these things we Irish are pretty tetchy about….petty perhaps but fuckin annoying still!

    • Conor

      I was gonna write the same thing, thank god im not the only Irish chiver 😛

    • David

      The fact of the matter is that if the Lords from England had been botherd to come over and sign the treaty at the time it would have been the UK, but they weren't bothered. Who knows what the situation would be if this had happened. In those times lands were being conquered by various countries across Europe, it's not like current day with the world's crutiny over every countries actions. Regardless we are all entitled to our own opinions and I certainly don't expect to have someone from Southern Ireland side with me on the issue. Don't get me wrong alot of my friends are from South of the border too.

      However, the difference between the IRA and the Loyalist parilmilitary groups is that in this current day, long past the good friday agreement and the days of the troubles the IRA and it's various tribute acts are attempting again to bring back the days of the troubles with the amount of bombs in Northern Ireland back on the rise hugely. The loyalists on the other hand are not.

      • America

        Who fucking cares?!

        • Petec

          Probably all the wannabe Irish americans to start!

          • David

            Oh and then, i guess all those involved. Like all the irish, northern irish and british. + anyone else who was affected.

  • ely whitley

    he better keep his tackle away fro the edge

    • Kjell King

      That's what she said

  • Juan

    Looks like he is a master…baiter..

    • OwnerOfYou


  • Reme

    Apparently, one fish got a nosebleed from being up so high….

    • GK-4

      i think it cot slammed into the rocks

  • ----

    if i were him…i wouldn't prey not to catch a big fish, but i might pray not to catch a big fish

  • Larry

    Congrats to him for being ridiculous……and speaking of ridiculous……back to hump day picture number one! See ya!

  • ashleyging

    That is rather breathtaking.

    • obvi

      your rather breathtaking

      • Hans


        • Destro


  • Conor

    Mayo is in the Republic of Ireland not the north.

  • Charles

    the reward doesn't validate the risk. no thanks.

  • Anakrusix

    Fishing off of that would be pretty badass…

    scary as hell though.

  • Anonymous

    dude nuts

  • domichal

    Is it not St. Patrick's Head (Ireland)?

  • Brian

    Would like to make a point though that Mayo is not in Northern Ireland but in the West in the province of Connacht.

  • domichal

    take a look at this Guys (it's not the place from the pictures above, but still Ireland): http://www.flickr.com/photos/domichal/2790122839/
    and this one (same place this time): http://www.flickr.com/photos/domichal/2729994024/

  • http://twitter.com/withquotation @withquotation

    fishing… like a BOSS!

  • Michael

    Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo is in the Republic of Ireland, not the north

  • Eddie Biggar

    He is Nucking Futs

  • Eddie Biggar

    Enter text right here!

  • Matt

    FFFFF THAT!!!!

  • BMcC

    It's alright, their Geography might suck but I'm just glad to have contributed to the Fluvanna County Rescue fund in Virginia, Mexico.


    All these Canadians make the same mistake anyway.

  • yo adrian

    He must need a helluva a lot of line…

    • RealJerseyBean

      i'd need a few lines before attempting that!

  • jetrome

    #4 those must be the best tasting fish in the whole damn world to do that…

  • Vek

    Unfortunately Mayo is in the REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, not that other shitty part up north.

    • hiya

      unfortunately you are about 35 comments too late

  • MrDizzle

    Yo Dudes Mayo is in The Republic of Ireland…north west coast…but definately not Northern Ireland! And you guys were recently quite close by!!

    Love the site:) …….Derp

  • SignIsNigh

    I like ashleyging, She's got a personality!

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