A fisherman with stones of steel (3 Photos)

On a peak near Downpatrick Head in County Mayo, Northern Ireland this man fishes nearly 150 feet above sea level. Allegedly the wind gusts can blow up to 70 MPH in these parts. If I was him I would pray not to catch a big fish. Then again if I was him I would never do this.

  • Thrice

    Yeah I would do that for 5 fish too….-_____-

  • AnyoneforCoffee

    FFS, people! Read the previous posts before you write!

    We KNOW Co Mayo is in Ireland! We've got it! Noted!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    That mother fucker got some big ass balls…brass balls yall…

  • Gavin

    In all fairness, Downpatrick is in Northern Ireland, Downpatrick Head in the South.
    Ballycastle is in Co. Antrim in the North, and Ballycastle is in Co. Mayo in the South. Wee mistake?! But fair play to ye Chive for getting Ireland onto yer site boys!

  • Catence

    I feel like any day not there will be a post about some guy who fell off of a cliff trying to attempt this same thing.

  • iddoitanyway

    those fish gotta be bait – there's no way you could actually reel something in from that high without getting caught on the rocks. cool place to sit, but fishing has gotta be useless.

  • x_R3volv3r

    IF Ron Burgandy had taken up fishing instead…
    I think the story would be something like this.

  • Emad Din

    bear grylls, are you watching?

  • Bishop

    People fish off there all the time, i've seen 10 year olds doing it.

  • drew

    looks like the cliffs of moer

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