Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

In the spirit of Hump Day, we're going a little tush heavy in the DAR today...

  • happens all the time

    #24…..not with that face….

  • ghjk


    she looks like a fried chicken

    • Colonel Sanders

      You mean finger licken' good?

  • SEAN

    #19 FIND HER

  • slim

    #15. Who knew a little jizz in a cup would put my city on the map.

    • Logic76

      LOL…I guess she's a spitter and not a swallower! chive on from the Duke City

  • MZQ

    #5 I would bet this pic came from a trader.

  • Seldi84

    does #34 really exist because i want one.

  • leigha

    #44 I'm a girl.. and that is sexiest ass I've ever seen. hot damn!

    • Seldi84

      Now that is sexy.

  • Regaliz

    #4 is a Finnish "artist" who takes pictures of herself in her own home…. Iiu Susiraja is her name. From one of her interviews: "I got my first camera in 2007. After I went to get it from the post office, in a matter of hours I was in the bathtub playing with chocolate sauce in front of it." mental image- forever burned into my memory, crazy woman! @__@

  • Cake is a Lie

    #24 unfortunately, your friend has a 5 head. a little bit bigger than a normal forehead

  • Mr. Falcon

    As a hat I would wear that ass.

  • ThisGuy

    Wow #44

  • MIKE

    #8 OMG What a boner that produces. More of this girl please.

  • dog

    #11, wash your windows!

  • Eyes

    #24- just hate the glasses. Can't understand why women wear large lenses like that…

  • Heber Coll

    #24. Orange. Plus fugly face. Confirmed for whore material, not model material.

    • mrjimmyos
      • Heber Coll

        Inb4 foreveralone.jpg

        Although no, I don't like Oompa Loompas. Either way, no modelling agency would take her seriously, which is my point.

        • mrjimmyos

          Sorry, had to post it XD

          But a 5? At least an 8, it's just the lipstick colour and use of sunglasses bringing her down

  • romonster

    #8 & #44 MOOOAAAARRR!
    seriously find these girls

  • jack



  • Christian

    #8 is Viorotica, google that shit.

    • ogspudbone

      thanks dude…what a smokeshow

  • bicozdenight

    I proudly annouce that I submitted #19 for a find her request.

    You're welcome

  • Todd

    I've met girls who thought their stuff was golden, #37 actually is…

  • Shockwave

    If #8 brought me #9, I would be a happy man.

    By the #22, Happy Wednesday to you too! chive on!

  • Todd

    #8, I need to contact my builder and see if I can get one of these installed in my kitchen.

  • SlackerX

    D-Bag signed it McLoving

  • simon

    whats up with the slide from #25??? its just a slide. my sister lives a crosse from that??? second time in daily randomness already???

  • Kris


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