• Curt

    Classic! Yes, Zoey is no doubt putting herself though a self-fulfilling prophecy cycle. Tons of women like her – they go for the dicks, and then they complain that every guy is a dick. It's an evolutionary impulse, for hundreds of years it was the a$$hole guy who was best at ferociously defending the family from predators. It was smart for females to seek this behavior in their partner. Now, in modern society power is gained through discipline, sophistication, and overall intellectual prowess rather than social dickery. Women need to fight their biological impulse, and choose men more wisely.

  • John

    I think the fact that he was overly polite in his response makes this even more of a burn on this chick!!

    • Willowshade

      nice guys stay nice til the end (insert dramatic pose here)

  • Leonel

    I never say this, but EPIC WIN. This has to be my favourite facbook ever.

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  • Jawbone

    The boy sounds like a little passive aggressive cunt himself.

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