She submitted for ‘Hump Day’ but this deserves special recognition (2 Photos)

One of our Chivettes, Nani, emailed me early this morning and told me she wanted to help start the Chivers' Wednesday off right and asked if this photo would do the trick? I'll let you decide...

  • Didja

    well my day just got better

  • Paul Musselman

    That mole is something very very special.

  • Mark

    WOW!!! So when is Nani going to send in more for an entire gallery! Just one more Chivette that is sexier than any photoshopped celebrity. Great tush Nani!

    • George

      I don't recall her…. links por favor?

    • PJ Fry

      Seconded! You're 100x more smashing than those fakies.

    • Nastee

      You think that's not at least a little bit photoshopped?
      It looks fairly obvious it is.

      • nastee h8r

        gtfo nastee

  • bathoris

    Very nice

  • hossmank

    Fantastic gap!

    • Billy the accountant

      Dat Gap

    • walkingdeadonline

      Hopefully one day there will be a gap thread…
      Hint Hint Chive..

      • sileemonuts

        chive was supporting the "gap" for a while now and now there gone, i miss them 😦

  • Mr Taco

    it helps – would help if she also turned around as well

  • Ricardo Feldhaus Krisanoski


  • spencer

    meh…too small

    • Mr_Rob

      "He like big buts and he cannot lie"…

    • ssss9999

      I concur!

    • gok attack

      needs better form too

    • Brett

      Probably what she would say about your penis.

  • bobs419

    you should start letting them submit with videos.. imagine the gifs you could pull from that… 🙂

    • zzz

      …or the videos

  • Dave23

    Big middle back "dimple line" brightened my morning for sure

  • tha drizzle

    meh, too.

  • GK-4

    now that's a woman in good shape

  • simmel

    Well, it was a nice gesture of her, but NAAAAHH …

  • ABN

    great way to start my day. thank you Nani

  • XOS

    you could walk through that gap

  • CB109

    oh yeah

  • Mr_Rob

    Love that gap. Exactly where it is, under that awesome tush, of course.

  • NickRob

    I Like

  • tommybhoy

    Because of time zones…this is the best way to end a working evening!



  • Stafferty

    I got the first part taken care of, the second part won't happen. I'm not in Twilight.

  • fred

    eh, doesn't deserve special recognition….

    • jaredallas

      Agreed. I mean, it's a cute ass, but what's so special about it? Chivettes submit far superior posteriors weekly.

  • john

    spotty bum!

  • john

    Black and white? What is this, the dark ages?

    • Wavien


  • john

    Tbh I was disappointed

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