She submitted for ‘Hump Day’ but this deserves special recognition (2 Photos)

One of our Chivettes, Nani, emailed me early this morning and told me she wanted to help start the Chivers' Wednesday off right and asked if this photo would do the trick? I'll let you decide...

  • northerner

    Ah, it's interesting how us guys are drawn to lovely tushes. Activate our imaginations, they do.

  • Tim

    For having her own post, weak.

  • hockenjos

    not impressed

  • ryeguy

    Lose the panties are then we are getting somewhere.

  • NOUU

    ummm it's okay but have seen a lot better.

  • buuillis

    own post? should have to qualify for hump day post

  • Josh Boone


  • Jessica Condrey

    its really really airbrushed :/ I mean really? Gettin hard up for butts are we?

  • pyrosis

    Nice butt. More photos.

  • SKT

    Ok, sooo why did she get special recognition? C'mon Chive u can do better.

  • jeremy

    just so so

  • trev

    nani, one of my favorite soccer players

    glory glory man united

  • anonymous

    trick accomplished….

  • John S

    I'm sure she's a beautiful girl but when you get your own post and you're not a 10, you open yourself up to criticism.
    Deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts, hamstring curls and squats, sprint intervals & hillwork to tighten up the back of your legs.

  • CC101

    Out of ALL the asses across the chive universe THIS one deserves special recognition??? Thats just a no, sorry Chive, its a fail.

  • shane
  • luckyguy

    wanting some more hot chicks? go to

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, got my KCCO shirt today!!!!

  • JesseKK

    Yes, it helped! 😀

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