• jfeez

    #9 is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure she had a baby before this.

  • tha drizzle

    #5 Do you think she likes to fack?

  • NickRob

    Didn't you guys at the Chive have a link to this on ur Best Links on the Internet a couple weeks back? Cause she is not one i would ever forget

  • Michel Payette

    #7 She's definitely in my TOP 10

  • Kenny

    She HAS caused quite a stir-IN MY PANTS!

  • Skedaddle

    Unbelievably hot.

  • theone

    #9 #10 NEED MOOAARRR give her ,her own post dam it

  • http://topsy.com/thechive.com/2011/02/16/these-photos-of-sarah-shahi-have-caused-quite-a-stir-10-photos/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention These photos of Sarah Shahi have caused quite a stir (10 Photos): I've been sent this photo set a lot over the p... -- Topsy.com

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ron Simon and Only Stuff, Humor. Humor said: These photos of Sarah Shahi have caused quite a stir (10 Photos) http://dlvr.it/Gm26n […]

  • moar

    #6 … yes please

  • Charles

    #4 me so haawwnnnyy!

  • sss

    mexican/persian right?
    que un bien KOS!

  • Kendall Scarberry

    now thats what i like to wake up to every morning.

  • MrSpanky

    Oh my god!!! Beautiful!

  • top dog

    #3 and #10. "Caused quite a stir" Yeah, they caused quite a stir in my nether regions.

  • bbbutter

    everybody loves nips

  • Brad

    Looks like I'll be watching "Fairly Legal" from now on. What a gorgeous woman!

  • Ryan

    Go to meinmyplace.com to see the rest of this great photographers work. He takes everyday, beautiful girls and makes them feel sexy. Also, they look better than most celebrities.

  • Dunny_

    She is so DAMN cute….and the show is pretty good too.

  • teximport

    I love her body, and nips.

    You wanna put it in my wha
    OK, I don't normally do this…

  • nickit

    I demands MOAR, HQ, and UNPHOTOSHOPED pics nao!!! Or in a time compliant with my current needs trajectory which is equal to a slope of 0 divided by Chuck Norris.

  • Tony Suprano


  • gok attack

    #8 she is so fuckin sexy, i wanna analize her….id let her do anything to me fuckkkk

  • rawnoyz

    which causes more of the stir: tanktop and no bra vs half naked in bikini?
    #3 vs #6

  • chowerhead

    Me in my place is a great stand alone site. The photographer did this shoot for Esquire.

  • PinkBlizcuit

    #6 is my fave!
    I've been in love with her since she was on The L Word in 2005.
    That's right – sexy lesbian love scenes with her, can't beat that!

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